forgotten within

Forgotten Within started a few years ago with the heavy hitting drummer (Rodney Tripp) then the screaming and fast paced melodic vocals (Levi Tripp) joined, for a long time we went through many good artists and a few that tryed to bring us down. We chose Forgotten Within for our band name because it fits us best and fits to everyones life in some way. then we found our Bass Guitar player (Chris Thompson) he came to practice and we knew right then and there his chest rattling groovy toons are the one we have been looking so long for. we played alot of shows with a guitarist and started looking for a new guitarist for some rythems and we found one of our Guitarist (Nate Colbert) he was slying it right off the line, we ended up getting hooked up by Diesel Day Dreams and progressed very well into the local scene but Nate got a incredible job offer noone could pass so we started looking for another guitarist as we knew Nate would be back. things got rough for the band for awhile and things were going down hill again and we stumbled upon another Guitarist (Nick Harkins) he came to our practice and blew our minds!! so just like everyone does in life we kicked it up a notch, were pushing hard toward our dreams, and we let the issiues of the past be a mental scar.. we let it be Forgotten Within!

$8 - $10


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