Nick Millevoi Record Release

Nick Millevoi / Brian Osborne

Nick Millevoi is a guitarist from Philadelphia. In June 2011, Nick's first solo guitar album, Black Figure of a Bird, will be released by DC's New Atlantis Records and Sunmagi Records as the first of a series of three premier collaborative releases which also includes a release by Peter Brotzmann and Han Bennink, and Jason Ajemian. Black Figure of a Bird consists of a series of alternately tuned pieces written for the twelve string electric guitar, masterfully recorded by Philadelphia-based guitarist and engineer, Eric Carbonara. Of Black Figure of a Bird, Brian Rademaekers of recently wrote: "His latest effort is a solo record of 12-string guitar compositions, one that bends the perceived limits of the instrument into some twisted places using open tunings and a passionate attack on the frets."

Nick is co-leader of the avant-garde punk-jazz trio Many Arms (Engine Records, Majmua Music), and the new music duo Archer Spade, with Dan Blacksberg. Nick is also a member of progressive chamber-pop collective Make A Rising and Hassidic punk band Electric Simcha. As a sideman, Nick has toured with Discord Records recording artist Joe Lally, and performed with Gene Coleman, Glenn Branca, and many others. Nick composes regularly for his groups and has also composed a series of six improvisation-based pieces called SHREDfest for various instrumentations, one of which was released by Tiger Asylum Records.

Of his work with Many Arms, writer Phil Freeman recently wrote in Burning Ambulance: "Guitarist Nick Millevoi takes Greg Ginn's misshapen, barbed-wire soloing style as a starting point and injects doses of Derek Bailey, Sonny Sharrock and Mick Barr (Orthrelm, Octis, Krallice) for good measure. He's a fierce player who knows his way around a riff and can tie himself, and the listener, in knots with his contorted, passionate soloing



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