Caffiends, Lil Skritt, MC Stealth (aka Blak Angel), The Spice of Life, The Modrats


Old School Pop Punk.

Lil Skritt

Blazing the weirdest hip hop and r and b.
Holla at ja boi.

MC Stealth (aka Blak Angel)

Born and raised in the South, MC Stealth uses her southern roots to make a combo of blues, hip-hop, and folk rock fusion, and will capture your heart with her honest energy and love for making music.

The Spice of Life

The name comes from the saying "Variety, is the spice of life." We play and experiment with a wide range of different genres from heavy metal to funk/rock/reggae which creates our own unique sound.

The Modrats

The modrats were born six years ago when Ryan H., Lee K. and Pete S. emerged from their alien sac pods slimy, smelly and prepared to rock. Ryan played guitar and sang, Pete played bass and Lee the drums. It took five years of very liitle effort and absolutely no work before they started to play in front of people. After a short year of playing shows consistenly around Rock Hill and Charlotte the modrats realized they sucked and looked for a talented guitarist to hold them together. They looked no further than Rock Hills own Jeff B. Jeff felt sorry for the modrats and agreed to play thier stupid songs about ninjas and yetis. A few short months later Lee and Pete realized that Ryan smelled of cheetos and rotten fish. The smell angered them and they punched Ryan square in the nose and left the band. Saddened, heart broken and smelling of rotten fish Ryan and Jeff were determined to find a bassist and drummer who wouldn't punch them in the nose. Ten seconds later they recruited Michael B. on bass and Mike S. on drums. Now a complete band again the modrats decided to start a charitable organization aimed torwards keeping wombats from being infected with radioactive goo and in turn radioactive wombat killing machines. They quickly realized there was way too much involved in running a charitable organization and decided to record a new album instead. The new album "Set Your Phazers to Fun" will be released early in 2011 and the modrats continue to play shows around the carolinas. Michael and Mike have yet to punch Ryan in the nose.

$5.00 - $7.00


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