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Dr. Cirkustien

Charlotte's Premiere Jazz/Polka/Reggae/Funk/Punk/Lounge/Metal Show! We are what you get when you put your entire music library on shuffle!

The Misery Jackals

In 1998, Bill Corgan, often referred to as Sweet Willy C., thought about how great it would be to blend two of his favorite genres of music, old school punk rock and bluegrass. Only trouble was, where to begin such an ambitious undertaking? Bill acquired a banjo within a few years, it sat and collected dust until 2006, when long time friend, and former band mate Pat Beck of The Nimrods, passed awa
y unexpectedly. With the temporal nature of life presented before his eyes, Bill went home from the funeral and started to learn.

Soon enough, he learned how to put picks on his hands and when the banjo started to ring, he wondered why he waited so long. He began playing with old friends, one of whom was another former Nimrods band mate, the man who took over on bass when Bill left, Jeff Selzer, affectionately referred to as "Beaner". Jeff's immense musicianship and guitar playing skills allowed him to quickly pick up and play along with the traditional bluegrass songs Bill was playing, as well as the "banjotized" punk rock songs he was doing.

About a year later, Bill was ready to get a band going. He quickly gained the support of Doghouse Bass player Tim Burrows, and another Akron punk rock alumni, Shane Fraley on washboard. At that time in 2007, Jeff Selzer had moved to California briefly, but returned around Christmas time and agreed to join the band.

The Misery Jackals were formed, and practiced together for the first time on January 2, 2008. They held their first performance less than 2 months later at a benefit for one of Shane's fallen friends, Tom McClain, on February 24, 2008.

Even though the Misery Jackals were gigging and writing original songs, the lineup was not complete. They still needed a drummer and an accordion player. In attendance at the benefit was long time friend and Nimrod alumni, Mike Shubert. Mike, or "Shooobs" (rhymes with boobs) as he is best known, has been in countless Northeast Ohio punk bands, and is in no less than 3 bands at any given time. Shooobs offered to play with the Misery Jackals at shows for fun and free beer.

Then, in March of 2008, the Misery Jackals acquired their accordion player, Stephanie Serna, who is also known as "Pirate Jenny". This is due to the fact that she is an actual pirate, so therefore can play the accordion and handily command an audience to do her bidding.

The Misery Jackals gained a new cousin, drummer and percussionist who joined their family in April 2009. He is Eric Baltrinic, but he is really The Consultant.

The Misery Jackals quickly began playing all over Northeast Ohio. In April of 2009 they released their first recording "The Misery Jackals - EP." They have also toured nationally, North and South, East and West of the Mississippi.

The Misery Jackals found that they really needed a jackal who could play the tuba and trombone... and a moonshine jug. Finally, Bill found Phil Fredrick (aka Phil Yoder) at, of all places, a Nimrods reunion show. How 'bout it? Phil is an over the road trucker, but occasionally meets up for a performance.

In 2010, Accordion and washboard player, Ben Shuber "Shubes" (rhymes with Pubes) started performing with the band, and at the end of 2011, is a regular addition to the band.

Today (January 2012) The Misery Jackals are Bill, Beaner, Tim and Ben. Sometimes the Consultant joins the Misery Jackals, other times, they are a four piece. You never know, you just have to go to a show!

The Misery Jackals have a unique sound all their own. They blend punk rock and bluegrass with elements of zydeco and native/roots music. The Misery Jackals' songs are usually either true stories, or based on true stories. Their songs cover the wide range spectrum of misery, suffering and depravity as a lesson to you, or perhaps a foretelling of your life to come.

Despite their name, they are not "miserable" at all. Either way, you'll be glad you went to see them play.

Modern Primitives

Travis Phillips - Vox and Guitar, Darien Steege - Bass, Phillip Gripper - Drums

Dollar Signs

There’s a fear to growing old in a world that doesn’t care about you, and Dollar Signs can relate; as a diverse group of friends who try to solve their problems in sweat-soaked rooms and dingy basements, singing and dancing away the fear. It’s group therapy for weekend warriors who have to work jobs that they hate. It’s a gala of cheap beer and sweaty hugs. Dollar Signs may as well be the band that played on the deck of the Titanic as it sank into the freezing ocean. We’re all in this together, and Dollar Signs knows that. After the release of their self-released full length album, Yikes, the band has been hitting the road and getting acquainted with the van - and now two tours, three blown tires, a branded hot sauce, and a family-size box of Tums later, they’re ready to do it again. This may not last forever, but for now, while there’s still a tinge of hopelessness in the air, Dollar Signs needs to party with you, because it’s the only way to survive the times.

$5.00 - $7.00


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