Timucin Sahin Group

Timucin Sahin has been recognized as one of today's truly unique voices of contemporary jazz music by publications such as San Francisco Bay Guardian, AllaboutJazz, Jazzwise, Downbeat and Jazz-Times as well as by many others.

Both his compositions and his playing on his double-neck guitar - his trademark - radiate an incomparable individualism.

Sahin's music is drawn from a wide body of knowledge and experience, often developed from his considerable skills as a guitarist. He employs improvisation but in ways hard to separate from the sound of his notated music. His music is characterized by a delicacy of instrumental imagination and rhythmic structures, which have much flexibility though clearly pulse derived.

Ensemble MISE-EN

Ensemble mise-en is an innovative and versatile New York-based contemporary music collective led by composer Moon Young HA. With over fifteen of New York's most talented musicians, our multi-national personnel strive to bring a repertoire of challenging, new sounds to diverse audiences. The ensemble wishes to impart an experience that is simultaneously multi-cultural, intellectually stimulating, and aesthetically pleasing ("mee" in Korean means "beauty", and "zahn" means "to decorate"), promoting large-scale composition projects and intense performances of contemporary music with programs featuring the works of many established and budding composers alike.

During the upcoming 2013-2014-performance year, ensemble mise-en looks forward to expanding its diverse repertoire and audience outreach with four concerts, which will be presented at Moving Sounds Festival, University Settlement, the Italian Academy at Columbia University, and Tenri Cultural Institute. Concert programs will feature a total of 20 pieces, including seven new commissions and seven pieces by living American composers.


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