Beautiful Bodies

When guitarist Thomas Becker approached singer Alicia Solombrino about playing music together, one small thing stood in their way: 4,500 miles to be specific. Becker, a Harvard-educated lawyer, was living in Bolivia, where he was suing the former president for human rights violations, and Solombrino was in Kansas City, making music with bassist Luis Arana.

Despite the distance, the three began writing songs together, sending rough recordings back and forth. Quickly, they realized that the chaotic blend of punk, dance, new wave, and rock they were creating clicked, so Becker put his law career on hold and joined the band. Within only a few months, the band released a single that received regular rotation on modern rock and college stations in the Midwest, and they were sharing the stage with groups like Smashing Pumpkins and My Chemical Romance. Becker moved back to the U.S., and the band has been barreling forward ever since.

Known for their “charismatic” (HITS Daily Double), "hard rocker" (USA Today), "high energy" (Kansas City Star), even “orgiastic” (Pitch Magazine) live shows, Beautiful Bodies have played with an array of artists ranging from Jane’s Addiction to Paramore to TV on the Radio, making converts of concertgoers everywhere they play. Solombrino’s magnetic – and at times, mischievous – personality has conjured up comparisons to Blondie, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and the Runaways. Their music – a combination of habit-forming hooks and blisteringly loud guitars – has been featured on television programs and at professional sports games and New York Fashion Week. The band recently got off tour with Reel Big Fish, and the band was crowned the winners of Ernie Ball's Warped Tour Battle of the Bands, which included 32,000 bands. The band heads to LA this spring to record a full-length album with John Feldmann (Panic at the Disco, The Used, Neon Trees). Expect fantastically chaotic results.


"The four members of Kansas City-area quartet Grenadina know there’s no way around it. They’re an all-girl band, and it’s going to be the first thing people notice.

'It shouldn’t really matter, but that’s what stands out,' says guitarist Steph Castor.

What should stand out is how the ladies — Castor, singer Katie Ford, bassist Mia Morrow and drummer Stefanie Petrozz — blend their punk rock roots and metal, folk and hip-hop influences to create a unique, experimental alt-indie style of their own. (With a hint of sarcasm, they’ve taken to calling it 'girlcore,' an inside joke that has seemed to stick with them, Castor says.)

Ford writes personal yet relatable lyrics, and her powerful vocals complement a tight, energetic rhythm section and Castor’s versatile guitar work. From Southern twang to atmospheric indie rock and 'super-fast punk,' Grenadina rarely writes in the same style from one song to the next.

'We’re all over the place in the genre that we’ve created, but it’s kind of come into its own,' Petrozz says.

That’s happened, Castor adds, as the bandmates have allowed their wide-ranging influences to surface in improvisational songwriting sessions. 'We let the music write itself, in a sense.'"

(Written by Kevin Krauskopf, St. Joe News-Press)

The Strive

The Strive is breaking ground with a fiery, infectious spin on today’s power-pop vibe that simply must be heard. They named their band The Strive after the fun but intense, forward thinking aesthetic they brought to their 2011 debut EP Anything Goes, the subsequent standalone single Sleepless, and their new EP Design The Road – produced by Matt Noveskey, bassist for the rock band Blue October and rising star in the world of production.

Opossum Trot

Opossum Trot is an American alternative rock band based in Kansas City, Missouri.



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