Phreak N' Queer Arts & Music Festival Presents: Homorama

Phreak N' Queer Arts & Music Festival

Phreak N’ Queer Festival is the illegitimate love child of 8 Philly organizers who during one crazy night united to create a queer/trans* festival that would highlight the surplus of talent in Philadelphia and surounding areas. Phreak n Queer Festival includes bands, DJs, visual artists, performance art, poetry and community space.


+HIRS+ is a grindcore / powerviolence duo formed in Philadelphia,
dedicated to harsh noise and queer politics.

Wordz The Poet Emcee

Wordz the poet emcee is a conscious hip-hop artist of Jamaican descent from Philadelphia and is known for his poetry, music, and activism. As an artist, Wordz has completed eight original albums of conscious hip-hop and spoken word poetry, providing positive and uplifting messages for people of color not normally heard in mainstream media.

Shadow Lover

Shadow Lover is love and emotive death pop. The conceptual music project, started by Ava Omega “Shadow” Jarden in the Fall of 2010 explores themes of love, loss, lust, and lies. Shadow Lover represents an extended allegory for the kid from the Philly suburbs leaving to find a lover in the big city up North. Led by Shadow, the project also includes childhood friends and suburban city transplants, including Alana “Angel” Moskowitz, Tommy “T-Bird” Hottpants, Daniel Diaz, Gage Boone, and Laura “Lola” Marciano. Shadow Lover performances are site-specific, with sincere attention given to customizing each show
with dramatic themes, movement artists, and video art. Shadow Lover takes the agony of love experienced in private and puts it to life and death through song.

Qhoiyn B Allure

Rapper, singer, and fashion designer, as seen at Rocker's Closet, The Barbary, and the Moshulu.

Penguin (Brooklyn TransCore)

After months of talk of forming a band, and little rock, Al was
offered a spot performing in the 2011 Mr. Transman competition. This was the impetus that would lead to the birth of a brand new Penguin. Initially, it was a 2 week blitz to learn 3 songs and cram them into the 5 minute time limit, but it would become so much more. Now, almost a year into bandfriendship, this ornery four piece has managed to record a demo and is finishing an EP. They have at least one song about cats.

Wod Reiwdo

Up-and-coming local rapper Rodney "Wod Reiwdo" Clark grew up a poor, fatherless child with a speech impediment and found redemption through hip-hop. His debut EP is out this year.

Ex By V (Leah from Gender Edge Collective)

Overwhelmingly DIY/lo-fi/experimental/thrash/punk/noise/prose
two-piece band hailing from Philly.

Rachel Tension

Rachel Tension creates a sound that mixes old school with a new kinda flavor. A heavy dose of illmatic rhymes, mixed with comedic flare, and a funky musical blend, this act has lots of swagger and knows how to get the party started. In 2011, she starred in "Married In Spandex," a documentary about Tension and her partner traveling to Ames, Iowa to obtain a legal marriage with lady rapper/performance artist/spandex enthusiast Leslie Hall (of Leslie & The Lys) as the unique officiant.

Hosted By Alejandro Morales

Alejandro Morales has been making people laugh for decades, and in 2010 he decided to start telling jokes. He's performed at the
Trocadero, Tabu, and Helium.



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