APN_Music, We Get Live Entertainment and Herman's Hideaway present "Step Up and Get Live" the search for Denver's top performance MC! Starting April 14th, Denver's talent will start squaring off, with a $4000 cash grand prize!

Rules for entry:

This is a contest for an MC fronted performance group. The winner will be able to stage a show that competes at the national level. You are encouraged (but not required) to include live DJs and other musical performers as part of your set.

You must have at least 2 songs to perform in the preliminary round. You must have 5 songs ready for semifinals, and 8 should you make it to the final.

Winner each night will be determined by three factors:
1.) Your draw at the door
2.) Crowd response as measured by DB meter
3.) Judge's panel: including sponsors, special guests and someone from APN_Music.

For registration, sponsorship and general information contact:

The FAMM Crew

Hip Hop group that started in Colorado Springs, CO in 2008 and now resides in Denver, CO and representing the entire state of Colorado with their unique style.
The FAMM is a duo formed in the Mountain West late September 2008,
consisting of members: Johnny Childress aka Spoken Intellekt (Tucson,
AZ) and Travis Sethman aka Logic Ill (Long Beach, CA).

Each with a love and passion for music derived from various influences, they immediately
embraced the different styles that each group member embodied. Their
initial recordings were mixtape based and coincided with several Open
showcases at a vast amount of venues. The FAMM quickly gained
notoriety of local emcees and producers alike which lead to promotions
based on their chemistry and natural humbleness. This fused with
their humorous personalities and diverse performing style has allowed
for them to captivate any audience. Over the span of the last 3 years,
The Famm has been a featured artist in their respected Mountain and
Pacific region on a host of national tour stops and notable shows.

Here are a few of the premiere performers The Famm has had the
pleasure to share the stage with : (Hieroglyphics, Jedi Mind Tricks,Slim Thug,
People Under the Stairs, Zion I, Black Pegasus, Afro Classics, Swollen
Members, Sweatshop Union, 2Mex, Mr. Lif)*Press Releases available upon

The FAMM is now in high demand for bookings with
collaborations and co-headlining events throughout the music world.

Show your support for real Hip-Hop and roll with The FAMM!!

The Contenderz

ContenderZ represent the practical knowledge and die hard experiences we share not only as a collective conscious but as individuals. From philosophical writes, exploring lifes deepest temptations, to the physical aspects of a world we all have grown a custom too. They are a true balance of what we are worldwide. We think, We party, We love, We hate, We cry, We worry, We fear, We second guess, We always change, We adapt, We find solutions to our problems or we soak in our sorrows. We all have moments where we feel invincible and as well our moments may be filled with endless holes that we somehow stumble into. Listen to multiple songs in order to understand the depth of their talent and awareness.

Al Beez 4 Sheez

As an artist out of Aurora Colorado, Albeez 4 Sheez has set the standard for artist after to keep the party hype with his upbeat tempos and fast flows Albeez 4 Sheez is able to captivate you with a soothing melody or use his powerful storytelling skills to make u want more of his music.
“I always tell people that I was born in Chicago,” says Albert, “but everything I have learned, know about, and have created was all in Colorado.”
Throughout Albert's childhood and younger schooling days, he was exposed to many instruments in music classes and learned the basics in music, such as how to read and write it. He also sang in school plays until his 3rd grade year, when Albert and his brothers took the stage for school talent show and shut it down.
“When I was 8 years old, I already had began being in front of people rapping. I was rapping Heavy D, part of Soul For Real's Candy Rain... I saw how much people liked it so I started writing my own raps.”
Albert, now known as Albeez, has grown to be a leader and also the owner/operator of his own company. He has learned to create and disperse his own music and videos on his own, recording and editing both himself.

Quotes & Jared Ming

Quotes is from the north side of the Denver area. Jared Ming grew up in the southern tip of the city. They first met in the middle, as part of a musical theater production at Metro State, and since have formed one of the city’s most cutting-edge musical groups.

A rap-and-vocal duo, Quotes and Jared Ming began to establish themselves on the city’s music scene in the summer of 2013. They performed several times at quaint Herman’s Hideaway, one of the city’s most notable venues for aspiring artists, as part of the Step Up & Get Live contest.

The group advanced to the finals in a field of more than 40 competitors and opened for national act Mix Master Mike in the fall of 2013 at Summit Music Hall. The bookings have increased since, and the band released its first video for Crumbling Down in Dec. 2013.

Quotes, aka James Miller, has drawn comparisons to Drake and Childish Gambino, performers who have taken on the multiple roles of rapping, singing and acting. Quotes cites many influences, but was first drawn to the industry when listening to Tupac as a youngster.

“He could really paint pictures with his lyrics,” Quotes said.

Quotes graduated from Horizon High School in Thornton, Colo. where he was heavily involved in the theater, including a well-publicized production of High School Musical.

Ming competed in American Idol in 2012 and advanced to the Hollywood rounds after being selected from an Aspen, Colo.-based preliminary round. He also has appeared in a national commercial for the Coors Brewing Co. He attended Chaparral High School in Parker, Colo. and has been a longtime performer, both as a singer and an actor.

While rap-and-vocal duos are somewhat prevalent in collaborations (Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian, etc.), it is uncommon for a group to be composed of a fulltime rapper in addition to a range-style vocalist. In that regard, Quotes and Jared Ming are groundbreakers in the field.

Chayne Clouds

Confident, outspoken, versatile, talented, and brash are a few words that come to mind when you think of Brooklyn born, Denver bred hip-hop artist Chayne Clouds.
Chayne began leaving his imprint on his music early in his career under the Alias of Osiris King and released 3 successful independent projects. His biggest project to date is Hostile Takeover 2: Don of a new Reign. Which began to help brand the artist and develop his fan base overseas in Australia, Africa, and parts of Europe.
Chayne Clouds' dream and aspiration is to begin the new Def Jam Records for the 2000 Era. "I'm willing to help those who are willing to help and push themselves and now a days, people think that music and success comes overnight these days and the harsh reality is that some people never get to where they want to be." Chayne is no stranger to overcoming obstacles being raised where hip-hop isn't the first thing to come to mind in the "Mile High City" as often or as frequent as other genres of music and every artist prefers to be competitive rather than united. Chayne Clouds, with his abrasive tone and honest lyrics is reminiscent of Young Jeezy, and as lyrically able as Jay-Z who are just a few of his favorite rappers. His goal is to make an impact and for a young man from Denver, CO with his work ethic, charm, and business savvy, it's only a matter of time before Chayne Clouds is a household name everywhere.



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