Apache moves to the SF Bay Area in 2000. In 2006 Apache gets a record deal with Birdman records without a band or songs. Apache (the band) record their first album "Boomtown Gems" in 2007 (released in 2008). They release their sophomore album "Radical Sabbatical" in 2010 and touring the world ensues. This is the cliff notes biography for these Purveyors of Heavy Pop. Wait for VH1 Behind the Music for the full story.

Andy Human

Andy Human, formerly of The Cuts and The Time Flys has cultivated a unique and diverse sound with his recent solo albums. 2011's Red Plastic (Burger cassette only) won over listeners withlayers of woozy synths and lysergic guitars over spaced-out drum-machine driven pop songs. With Freeze (2012 Chromewaves Radio, Burger), Human trades in the synths for scrappy guitars and pulsing drums and goes straight for the jugular with 10 sharp shocks of Dadaist Glam-Punk energy! Be sure to catch Andy Human's mind-altering, revitalizing and ROCKING live set at this years BOOGALOO!!!

Meat Market

Meat Market is a four piece based in Oakland, CA that plays a fast melodic style of rock n' roll. They pool a diverse set of musical influences, the result being a deftly combined mix of gritty garage rock tunes and magnetic melodies that send crowds home with a ringing in their ears and a tune stuck in their heads.

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