"I think that Iʼve watched the best night of burlesque and entertainment ever" — Allison Henthorn, Kansas City Examiner

SUPER HAPPY FUNTIME is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. This nationally touring musical theater troupe is celebrating its 13th year of pushing boundaries in performance and art.
14 members; live band, burlesque dancers, emcee, and a fat guy; Super Happy Funtime creates an all original stage show that is equal parts sideshow, circus, sketch comedy, striptease, and rock opera. Rather than meander endlessly on and on about their accomplishments here, just go check out the thousands of hours of video they have online or the mountains of photographic evidence out there left in their wake. Super Happy Funtime is a show that must be seen to be believed. Super Happy Funtime is a show that takes all the best and the craziest of music and theater and combines it into a tongue in cheek and thumb up the ass production that would make John Waters, Frank Zappa, and Frederico Fellini proud.

$12.00 - $15.00

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