For fans of The Black Keys, Grand Funk Railroad and Al Green.

Based out of Burlington, NC, JuJuGuru is a power duo like no other before them. They create a sound as if they were a 4 piece band.Forming in 2010, they have toured from Ohio to Alabama and have opened for many acts such as: Eric Gales, Moon Taxi, Lightnin’ Malcom & Cameron Kimbrough, Big Something, and have performed at many music festivals.Their soulful sound yearns to bring back an era when rock was neither too hard or too soft, but raw and full of foot stomping energy.

Disappearing Cowboy

After selling a song to Warner Brothers as members of a five piece band, Stephen Baker and John Erik King began writing and playing music in a different manner.

They were very interested in stripping music down to its raw elements, and using technology to solve problems versus simply adding more and more layers because the technology exists.

To this end, they decided to have one instrumentalist and this job went to John Erik. Stephen put the guitar down and focused on lyrics and singing.

John Erik designed and built a guitar that he uses to play guitar, bass and synth at the same time. He then set his sights on building drums he could program, but that would retain the organic sound of wood hitting a real drum head.

After months, what emerged was a two member band with Stephen Baker as the front man and John Erik King providing all the instrumentation, with the exception of a real mechanical drum set that he programs and controls.

Using minimalist organic technology (MOT), Disappearing Cowboy has just released their first album, Revolute.

What is MOT? Technology often takes the human being out of the equation. Why should it? Humans are creative machines. What is missing in technology is this human, or emotional, element and that is where organic comes into the equation. How we play or create is as important as the music itself if it is to live and breathe.

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