Electro pop.

XXYYXX is Marcel Everett.

Marcel works out of his bedroom creating harmonious music that provokes emotion and transmits vivid images of peace and stillness. R&B rhythms and vocal samples are staples that propel the music forward, creating open environments that feed into moments of movement. Marcel has the ability to make you feel like you’re on multiple trains moving at various speeds. His sensibilities draw on musical elements that make for great pop music in a modern, if not futuristic context. You get the feeling that if aliens dreamed up a planet made of music, that XXYYXX would be one of its keynote residents. It’s meditative and calming, yet yields, separates, and bumps. From the expanses he creates to the polar opposite of pulsating breaks, contours are rounded by evocative vocal melodies and skill.

With XXYYXX, space proves predominant. His otherworldly music has more patience than the average bear, as he seems to make BPM’s oscillate and breathe. He perfectly unites everything good about the last 20 years of R&B and electronic music. With vocals reeling you in, the rest is a question of scenery. Whether the hook is sped up, slowed down, or both, this music is all about juxtaposition. Broad notes of low end bass balance the way 4-6 percussion parts pull your ear in various directions, only to convene in pockets perfectly. What’s unique about this music is how Marcel Everett has blurred history. It’s clear from the resulting sounds that he’s versed, incredibly intentional, and is dead set on blending decades through sound. “I see my music being more experimental in the next 10 years... Music should be free-flowing and expressive.”

If XXYYXX’s music gets farther out than where it currently resides, then the future of music is in seriously deft hands. Between claps, snaps, and claves, XXYYXX makes for audio candy.

XXYYXX’s releases are available via digital download on Relief In Abstract.



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