Yards + Dolphin

Yards + Dolphin

This weekend, our drafts will be pouring nothing but Yards - some familiar favorites and some rare finds!

All drafts are $4 until 11pm!!

Crafted with pilsner malt imported from Belgium, and use a classic brewing yeast from the same iconicbrewing nation. The fine, subtle malt profile balances well with the fruityesters produced by this distinctive yeast. A blend of noble hops adds just a touch of hop aroma, which nicely rounds out this deep-golden, slightly tart, effervescent delight. It’s a perfect complement for any occasion, special or otherwise.

Farmhouse Inspired. From the French word for “season,” Saisons were historically brewed to keep the farmhands happy and hydrated during the warm summer months. Crafted using Belgian pilsen malt and candi sugar, this golden Belgian style ale is a refreshing change from your usual beer lineup.

Pugilist Style Ale. Boasting superior taste and champion flavor, Brawler is crafted in the style of English session ales. This malt-forward, ruby colored ale features flavors of freshly baked bread and caramel that dominate the aroma and palate.

PPA - ABV 4.6%
Non-Traditional Style. Not to be boastful, but we honestly believe that all other ales pale in comparison to this one. Brewed with pilsner malt, Philadelphia Pale Ale is crisp and hoppy, bursting with citrus flavors and aromas.


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