Destruction Unit, Ukiah Drag, Joint Damage

Destruction Unit

Destruction Unit are a band of trans-radical psychedelic desert dwellers, dug up from the sonic landfills of the cosmos, who have built a reputation for both mesmerizing and terrorizing crowds with their sheer power and intensity. Like running head first into a spinning wall of sound, they have been described by the press as "a band who felt more like a horror movie than a band … With guitars that were distorted beyond belief and acted more as auxiliary noise machines than instruments" (Transmission Entertainment)
and "Suicide-meets-Chrome-meets-Hawkwind-meets-Screamers-meets-the-killer-last-scene-reveals-in-all-the-alien-episodes-of-The Twilight Zone" (LA Weekly) or more simply put, "punk rock" (Austin Town Hall). However, Destruction Unit's brand of feedback worship and heavy psych does not sacrifice songwriting or catchiness; to the contrary, "it's their subtleties—distant bubbling murmurs of noise, faint guitar noodling—that make for the best hooks." (Chicago Reader) The current lineup features R. Rousseau (Reatards, The Wongs, Tokyo Electron) on Guitar and Vocals, brother Rusty Rousseau (Digital Leather) on bass, N. Nappa (Marshstepper, Nihilism) on Guitar, J. Aurelius (Pigeon Religion, Marshstepper, Avon Ladies) on Guitar and J. Keefer (Naive) on drums.

The band originated in the early 2000's and featured R. Rousseau with Jay Reatard (Reatards, Lost Sounds, angry angles) and Alicja Trout (Lost Sounds, Black Sunday). The three appeared together on the first release, 2000's My Disease 7", as well as the 2006 record Death To The New Flesh and Destruction Unit's debut LP, Self Destruction Of A Man. Destruction Unit were featured onThe Screamers tribute The Necessary Effect, Screamers Songs Interpreted.

Ukiah Drag

UKIAH DRAG is three Florida transplants now living in Boston. The three have numerous other bands on their resumes, including CULT RITUAL, DIET COKEHEADS, COTTAGING, and NEON BLUD among others. Playing a bluesy style of post-punk, the band is most similar to previous effort, AMERICAN SNAKESKIN, whose 12” Turquoise For Hello was a highlight of 2012.

Joint Damage

Three men spurring the birth of abrasive harmonious punk destruction in the vapid wasteland of Charlotte, North Carolina. IF WIPERS=PORTLAND and GISM=TOKYO, Joint Damage are the Midway Islands. HOOKS, DEVASTATION, PODER PURO Y DURO. members of Yardwork, Great Architect, Meat Group, Brain F, Control & Logic Problem.



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