Lions of Winter

Lions of Winter


We just want to write honest music that people can get into.


UNICRON is a six-piece heavy band hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina. Their music is about giant robot wars, brotherhood, and world destruction.

Gentlemen of Fortune

Gentlemen of Fortune was formed in 2010 out of Charlotte, NC. Throughout several member changes, the Gents have firmly established a sound they can call their own- arranging elements of post-hardcore and dynamics of modern metal along with powerfully driven vocals to deliver a unique taste on an otherwise bland music scene.

Along with renowned engineer/producer Jamie King, Gentlemen of Fortune will be releasing a short demo "Homecoming" which will be available this summer.

Sound It Out

Sound It Out started in December 2011. Hit the scene hard and playing multiple shows with big names such as City Lights, Freshman 15, The Bunny The Bear, Modern Day Escape, Dr. Acula Us, From Outside, and Sid Wilson From the Legendary band Slipknot. Self-Promoted and very hard working, Sound It Out has big plans for the future. With passion, Perseverance and determination, they are just getting started.

Fools Generation

We are a hardcore/metalcore band making the music we love to listen to while adding our own different styles for our area. Influences heavily based on life in general. Our motivation is to get our listeners to relate to what we are all going through in many different situations in life.
Were here to enjoy the music and simply have fun with all our fans who influence us. Get you all on the dance floor and move!!! The rest is always in the making as time moves on...

$8.00 - $10.00


Plus $3 surcharge for those under 21

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