At the age of 23, Gemini Jones is already leveraging relationships as a career DJ, headlining multiple night life events, preparing to release a monthly mixtape series, in addition to being endorsed as the official DJ for several projects.

The fact that so many people genuinely like the energetic and hardworking Chicago native; it’ll be to no surprise that the name Gemini Jones will fit the criteria of becoming one of the most recognized DJ’s in the industry. One must remember the consistency of her craft was not built overnight, although it may look like it. She developed the love for music at a young age while playing the saxophone in grammar school, the trumpet and base drum in high school, and finally being introduced to her first set of turn tables at the age of 16. The first hip hop tape that she purchased was MC Lyte COLD ROCKS THE PARTY; however, she says “I love all aspects of music because it tells a persons’ life story and their feelings,” and continues to say “good music can uplift a persons spirit, and as a DJ it is a pleasure to aid in that process.” She caught her first break in the industry as an intern at one of Chicago’s top radio stations, WGCI. Yet, motivated by the stations’ in-house DJ's, Gemini was drawn in deeper to make a commitment as being embraced from her respected peers. Closely watching, she gets guidance from her role models DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Spinderella, and local DJ Navarius “The Wicked Prince.”

At the moment, Gemini Jones is currently on the grind putting in work to becoming a household brand with a goal in becoming a trademark in the city by providing a platform to showcase local talent. “In my honest opinion, I feel Chicago is the hardest city to be an artist especially a rap artist.” She continues to say, “sadly, this is the reason why we are known as the city of haters. It's rare for an artist to form a strong fan base in Chicago. Although, we have a ton of great artist here, it seems like the rappers run the music scene but the R&B singers run the radio stations. I feel it is our jobs as DJs to rep Chicago artists as much as we can by spinning their tracks as much as possible.”

Gemini plans are starting to take its course starting in 2010 is in a phenomenal way. She is currently venturing into multiple projects as the headlining DJ for upcoming themed events, joining DJ alliances, in addition to currently discussing endorsement deals. Gemini is managing to carve out her own niche other than being recognized as a female DJ. When questioned if female DJ’s where underrated, she stated, “We are extremely underrated! This industry is a predominately male field so just like anything else male dominated, females get the side eye as if we can't get the job done just like the guys if not better. Me personally, I try not to use my gender as a gimmick. I don't go to gigs wearing provocative clothing or anything. I wear what I feel comfortable in. I'd rather let my skills on the 1s & 2s be the highlight versus my gender. I don't try to prove points I just do me and let the points prove themselves!!!!!”



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