Schlang is the psy-trap fusion of Space Jesus + Supersillyus.

Philly based EDM producer Jasha Tull has created an ever expanding and mind melting experience as Space Jesus. Exploring a multitude of EDM stylings and effectively branding each track with his own bass fueled, psychedelic, Hip-Hop flavor, Space Jesus delivers music that is undeniably fresh and consistently captivating. Jasha began producing music at age 16 with an initial focus on Hip-Hop, that eventually led to his fascination with the production of future-bass music. In 2011, Jasha released SPACE JESUS EP, which immediately brought him an incredible amount of followers throughout the East Coast. But it wasn't until the release of 'PLANiTS' on Mal Label Music, that his popularity spread from one coast to the other. The 'PLANiTS' release charted into the top 5 on multiple Beatport lists, and landed as an exclusive track on the website for weeks.

Quickly gaining recognition for his individuality, creativity, and high-energy live show, Space Jesus has been popping up all over the states, sharing the stage with acts such as Big Gigantic, Zeds Dead, Conspirator, Two Fresh, Break Science, Adventure Club, Freddy Todd, Kraddy (of the Glitch Mob), Minnesota, The Polish Ambassador, Sugarpill, Mr. Bill and Bluetech. Space Jesus has instantly become a mainstay of the electronic music festival scene, with appearances at Lights All Night, Camp Bisco, Big Up, Rootwire, Uphoria Festival, The Magnetic Gathering and even the Dubstep Music Awards. Hustlin' hard into the new year, Space Jesus shows no signs of slowing down. Keep your eyes peeled, or keep 'em shut, either way you're bound to see Space Jesus tear a wormhole right through the ever evolving EDM scene.

Supersillyus is an electronic musician and producer based in Allston, MA. His music is a genre-bending adventure through psychedelic IDM and dub and he has recently shared the stage with acts like Hallucinogen, Ott, Conspirator, Eoto, Phutureprimative, and Tipper. His first full length release, Grampaspaceshuttle, tickled the ears of the electronic community, earning him a spot on's Top 5 Newcomer Albums of 2010.

He spent over a year meticulously crafting his second record Tesselations, which was released through Base Trip Records. With this epic double album, Supersillyus allows listeners to explore highly evolved and extensively layered soundscapes, while shaking their asses to a tasty mix of tribal drums, swirling synths, and the occasional marimba solo.Tesselations takes the listener on a journey past boundaries of IDM, world beat, and dub, making use of traditions as old as Sanskrit chants or a child’s Saxaboom.

Jamie Watts grew up in the midwest playing piano relentlessly. As the son of a computer engineer, he spent his off-time punching in BASIC code for games like "Oregon Trail". He didn't realize technology and music could be combined until late nights listening to Dallas-based radio show "The Grey Zone". It was there that he found the sounds of The Orb, FSOL, Soul Oddity, Propellerheads, Coldcut, and The Chemical Brothers. Two turntables and a DOS-tracker later, he was translating his inspirations into his own compositions.

In the early 00's, he found his new home in Philadelphia, where he now resides, firmly rooted for nearly a decade. Working at a blistering pace, he navigated the rapidly changing music industry in order to share his music with the world. The digital revolution brought the ability to collaborate with anyone at any time. Within online communities of music producers, he cut his teeth on projects such as the time-sensitive "One Minute Massacre" compilations. During this time he met Peter Vanek in Belgium and embarked on their electro-acoustic project "KiloWatts & Vanek", which showed just how much could be done without even being in the same studio.

As the dawn of interconnectivity grew, he engaged in a flurry of collaborative projects. Skeetaz, with breakbeat cohort Bil Bless brings hard-hitting digital glitched-out psychedelic funk. With Tanner Ross, an eerie style of dark techno was born under the name Voodeux for Dirtybird's techno sublabel Mothership. Fellow Philadelphian MC Amagine delivers consciousness-driven motifs in their digital glitch-hop project called Super Galactic Expansive. His project titled Invisible Allies is a collaboration with Bluetech, exploring futuristic spacefunk, textural ambient, odd time signatures, complex harmonic developments, detailed digitalia and a sublime sense of the exotic.

His 2012 solo album 'Acceptitude' is described by To Eleven as "symphonic… with the sonic development and richness—the experimentalism even—of the classical composers." KiloWatts has worked with some truly great minds, including Bluetech, Bil Bless, Tanner Ross, Peter Van Ewijk, and labels Native State Records, Mothership, Dependent, Harmonious Discord, and Thoughtless Music. 2011 included releases on the Canadian Thoughtless Music label, and Austin-based Harmonious Discord. Since his beginnings, he has toured extensively, headlining gigs at festivals like Decibel Festival in Seattle, Lab30 in Germany, MUTEK in Canada, and Strawberry Fields in Australia.

In the wake of a singular bolt of lightning from beyond, KiloWatts has released his accumulated energy that has electrified ears and souls for over a decade. Utilizing an eco-friendly rechargeable solution, his chosen power-up stations reside in the minds of his listeners around the globe. It remains a revelation for electronic music to express the full depth of soul within the confines of the digital format, yet KiloWatts achieves this effortlessly. The music beckons the expression of divinity, with reverence, inside his careful and precise compositions. There, inside each song, lies a pristine seed that germinates and grows into veritable jungles of sound with hidden mathematical complexity. Shocking, to say the least. Whether experienced in headphones or on turbo sound systems, the music of KiloWatts is powerful and persistent. Close your eyes, open the theater of your mind, and watch the story unfold.

Hot Jambalaya

Hot Jambalaya is the brainchild of NJ based electronic producers Mikey Likes iT and Bartlomein. The pair incorporates an ever expanding cornucopia of musical influences from around the globe and through the cosmos to take the listener on an auditory adventure through time and space. Their unique blend of funky, slippery, glitched out bass music has earned them slots at such notable northeast festivals as Uphoria 2012 and The Magnetic Gathering. Over the past few years, they've shared the stage with Michal Menert, Conspirator, Bluetech, Heyoka, Govinda, Phutureprimitive, Freddy Todd, Knight Riderz, Kaminanda, Skytree, Higher Organix and Space Jesus.

Their debut "Freemix EP" is a collection of remixes showcasing their ability to create lush, immersive soundscapes that are constantly evolving and undeniably danceable. Their sonic versatility is evident through the diverse spectrum of artists they chose to remix including Aaliyah, Peter Gabriel, The Doobie Brothers and The Soweto Gospel Choir. In early 2013, Hot Jambalaya garnered significant national exposure with the release of their single "Doctor Who" as an exclusive download on The track received over 10,000 plays in its first week and represents the uninhibited psychedelic progression of the 'trap' genre. With a host of new releases slated in the next few months and the summer festival season quickly approaching, the duo are poised for a breakout year.



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