Sashamon (sa-sha'-mon) - Maybe because he grew up on Molokai, Sashamon's music brings a unique peaceful vibe to the island music scene. The public first heard Sashamon's blend of Reggae and Hawaiian music on a homemade demo, which spread worldwide with the support of top Kauai professional surfers. The popular underground CD 'One Day Maybe' found its way to KWHI 92.7 Hawaiian Rhythms on the Big Island of Hawaii. With no press kit or label support, "Japanese Squeeze" amazingly became the station's most requested song and stayed on top for two months. "Japanese Squeeze" was replaced by another Sashamon song "Necta" (Butterfly) and it's popularity caused Big Island's KAPA 100.3 and KWXX 94.7 to give airplay as well. Soon "Necta" hit the top of the charts and most requested at Oahu stations including KCCN FM 100, KINE 105.1, KDNN 98.5, as well as the top stations on Maui and Kauai where it continues in heavy rotation to this day! Visit Hawaii and you will surely hear Sashamon on the radio. And like the love for Hawaii that is everywhere in the world so too is Sashamon's music, which is now getting airplay in Japan, Brazil, Australia, Germany, France, Tahiti & more..

Alcyon Massive

Alcyon Massive is an emerging evolutionary musician devoted to helping 'dream the world awake' through this spiritual lyrics and signature blend of hip-hop meets reggae. Please send a message to Alcyon Massive via Facebook if you would like to inquire about booking or anyting else. Much Love. More Life. Many Blessings!

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