The Boxing Lesson

The Boxing Lesson

The Boxing Lesson is a psychedelic progressive rock band based in Austin, TX. Currently a power trio with synthesizers performing the bass player's role, they create a mammoth layered sound that usually starts minimally and builds into grand orchestrations. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Paul Waclawsky, synthesizer player Jaylinn Davidson and drummer Ben Redman.

The Boxing Lesson traces its roots to L.A., where the group formed around frontman Paul Waclawsky in 2002. Despite lineup changes, drug arrests, and a move to Austin, the group has remained largely consistent, with each release offering up a new slab of psych to digest. Last summer's Muerta EP might be the trio's best effort yet, relying more on the spaciness of Pink Floyd and a range of synthesizers, but there's no denying the inherent power of the power trio. "Health Is The New Drug" has already been hailed by Houston Press as the best song of the year, despite only being released in February. Austinist: "The Boxing Lesson's Healthy Drugs"

"Relying on MOOG for bottom end and tons of sonic noise, the songs blend Meddle-era Floyd guitar freak-outs with M83 propulsion, Spiritualized soul space jams with Texas rock 'n' roll thunder." Creative Loafing Charlotte

Burgess Meredith

Burgess Meredith is an Austin-based, 60s influenced rock & roll band. Their namesake is a nod to the late great actor. Formed by Josh King, John Vishnesky, and Jesse Hester, this dynamic troupe is rounded out with bassist Blue Mongeon, and Keith Lough on drums.

The band's debut album, Banana Moon, was released in April 2012.

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