Chimney Choir presented by Collectible Records

Chimney Choir's latest album, (compass), is music played on banjo, fiddle, guitar, and piano and sung in three part harmony. It is layered with electronic drones, field recordings, and conversational rhythms played on junk percussion. (compass) was released through a series of monthly thematic performances at in Denver that were inspired by minimalist Fringe theater, where production was suggested or even imaginary. The shows experimented with sound collage, storytelling, puppetry, dance, and ritual. The series culminated in a theatrical performance inside of an old Antique Warehouse in Denver's Valverde district, an industrial neighborhood along the South Platte River once known for producing the world's best celery.

“An ambitious artistic mission. More and more, the group's identity has become tightly tied to its willingness to experiment, to push boundaries in their sound and stage presence.”
- Denver's Westword

“A unique homemade collage of sound... the character of their melodic folk sound hinges largely on a skillful balancing of freaky vocal interplay with computer synths, traditional acoustics and kitchen sink percussion. Original, catchy and ripe with a strangely warm and welcoming aesthetic.”
- Flagstaff LIVE

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