Orkesta Mendoza

It’s a safe bet that most of us haven’t heard the term “Indie Mambo” to describe a group before now, because such a style simply did not exist until young Sergio Mendoza invented it in late 2009, in Tucson, Arizona. The impetus? Mendoza was participating in an annual benefit event held at the world famous Club Congress, called ‘The Great Cover-Up,’ and had chosen the legendary Cuban bandleader Perez Prado as his coveree, as the rules of the event dictated. But combining that influence, as well as Cumbia and other Latin styles, with psychedelia-tinged rock music proved to be a formula that was extremely palatable, nay – savory, to Arizona music fans and Mendoza’s fellow musicians.

Camilo Lara

Like Sergio Mendoza and Brian Lopez, Camilo has kind of become a HOCO FEST mainstay. Though initially conceived strictly as an electronic solo studio undertaking, the Mexican Institute of Sound has gradually evolved into a live band, consisting at the moment of two D.J.’s, a drummer, a bass player and Mr. Lara on keyboards. As has been shown by his new collaboration with fellow Mexican producer Toy Selectah, Camilo has a knack for bringing disparate styles and making a pop amalgam that is still uniquely latin.


Flamenco will never be the same. That’s more or less what purists said about the celebrated Spanish traditional style back in the eighties when the Gipsy Kings parlayed their mastery of it into pop stardom. Thanks to them, the boundaries of this kind of music have broadened considerably, accommodating artists like Ottmar Liebert and other pioneers of the new “flamenco fusion” sound. Add young Tesoro to this list. They’re that good. Luckily, for now anyway, Tucson is their home. Even if you don’t get out much you’ll likely find Tesoro irresistible. If you’re a seasoned veteran of the local nightlife, you’ve probably crossed paths with these hard-working and immensely talented performers. If you’ve seen our Tesoro Flamenco before, you know the deal: you relax and enjoy the elegant performances of the band, the Tesoro Dancers (who have achieved considerable notoriety in their own right) and an overall ambience and build up of high energy flamenco rock.


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