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Sean Waldron

Sean Waldron isn't just another singer/songwriter from that open mic you heard about last week from your college buddies in calculus. Sean Waldron is more.

Inspired by names like John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Jonny Lang, Aretha Franklin, Dave Barnes, and countless others, Sean produces a sound you can only describe as pure music. With backgrounds in blues, pop, and rock, he brings a presence to the stage that surpasses most small-town acts, and a soul that shines with passion for his craft.

He is most noted for his voice, and when you hear him sing you can understand why. His tone immediately overtakes you and brings you into his world. His guitar playing follows the vocals with a style that fits together in a perfect combination of melody and expression that leaves you feeling free and wanting more.

Currently working on his next EP for the summer of 2012, he is busy writing and performing, and gearing up for the next step in his musical journey. "I'm just reaching higher now. What was once a pipe-dream, and something fun to think about while I was supposed to be taking lecture notes, has now become a reality." Fresh out of college, graduating with a degree in Sports Management from UCCS, Sean is embarking on what he wants to be his future. "I'm completely relying on God to show me the direction he wants this thing to go, but I am working hard on my end to prepare as best I can for what this [future] will hold for me. I mean, it's crazy to think that songs I wrote in my bedroom are being sung back to me from the faces in the crowd."

Reaching higher, and dreaming bigger, Sean Waldron continues to turn heads. And with the direction he is going, he is only going to turn many more in the days to come.

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