Arsonists Get All The Girls

Arsonists Get All The Girls

ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS have informed the music industry that heavy, technical music can be successful since unveiling their Century Media debut album, The Game of Life. The band has created a sound all their own and have become well known for their brand of grind, which has even been featured on MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel II. Now ARSONISTS are back with a brand new effort called Portals which has been highly anticipated from fans and press alike. The album was recorded by Zack Ohren (As Blood Runs Black, All Shall Perish) and features 11 glorious grinders like "My Cup's Half Empty" and "Violence in Fluid –Triceratops".

ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS come from a humble beginning in Santa Cruz, CA and then quickly realized their talent and potential. This led to the creation of a 3-track demo in 2003. This quickly set fire to the underground metal world and led to the band's signing and release of Hits From The Bow. Hits… began to spread like a virus among fans online and eventually wound up in the hands of Century Media Records' A&R staff who quickly signed the band. ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS then began work on The Game of Life. With the power of their newest effort and the sheer brutality of their live show, the band garnered a legion of diehard fans that has been growing more and more with each passing day, as seen by the record's high sales performance.

Portals began just like any other record does and was finished just like any other record has in the past. One small thing, the vocalist Cameron Reed quit 2 days after the record had been completed in order to be "closer to God". This took everyone in the band by surprise as this was a day before they were heading on a tour of Mexico. The band persevered and did not let this set them back. Fortunately within a week they had found a more than suitable replacement in a close friend named Jared Monnette. The band is no stranger to difficult circumstances as their bassist Patrick Jones passed away in 2007.

Now with the band more focused than ever, Portals is a huge leap in musicianship and songwriting under extraordinary circumstances. The band also was the FIRST US BAND to tour Russia extensively (some cities on the tour had never hosted a band from the United States ever) in which members were arrested, accosted and almost mugged.

With incredible touring plans already in the works, ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS will be on the road in both Europe and America throughout 2009 with such stellar packages as the European Thrash & Burn tour and future tours to be announced. If you somehow missed the band during their last cycle, it surely won't happen again - ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS will be in your face and Portals will be in your stereo for years to come!


Synnova is a 5-piece screamo/post-hardcore band from the bay area. With influences like Memphis May Fire, Of Mice And Men, and many more bands in the genre, they strive to carry out the passion they were influenced with to the stage and capture audiences among audiences. With their recently released EP titled "Strength In Numbers" and the few shows the new band has under their belt, they have big plans to expand their following, refine their stage performance and studio sound, all while following their dreams and doing what they love most


Aviadora is a 5 Piece Post-Hardcore band from the Bay Area built on and based off Christian beliefs.

After years of going to shows together, and creating music in different groups/projects, the five friends in Eidola started writing music to have a fun, make music that matters to each of the members, and participate in a community that has helped shaped who they are.

Last year, Eidola recorded their album "Companion" with Sam Pura (The Story So Far, Sabertooth Zombie) @ Panda Studios in Fremont, Ca.

New material was recently recorded with Scott Goodrich (All Teeth, Stickup Kid) @ Nu-Tone Studios and will be released later this year

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As Cavalry Comes

It all started out as a little project and wanted to try out new styles of playing music, so we first started with just a simple Post-Hardcore/Pop-Punk band called Cherish This Moment (CTM). But then we wanted to make more heavier music so we change the bands line up and started a Metalcore/Deathcore band called Distance In Exile (DIE). As we progressed more into the music making we wanted to do more and different styles of music. We didn't want all of our music sounding like the same and wanted to really expand our music. So now we just decided were doing Post-Hardcore/Metalcore with our new and last band name As Cavalry Comes. Starting now there is no more changes in genre or name. Trust me we are sick and tired of changing stuff. So right now we are recording some songs and will soon release our first single and soon a EP. We are a 5 piece band starting Ivan on Guitar/Vocals, Tony on vocals, Paul on Lead Guitar, Jesse on Bass, and Sam on Drums. Basically we are just a band that loves music and wants to have fun doing what we love doing.

$10.00 - $12.00


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