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Quiet Game Starting Now


Started in October 2012, four musicians from the Martinez/Pleasant Hill area making music we like.

Starlit Fiasco

It all started in the summer of 2011 when Christian talked with brothers Mason and Weston, and long-time friend, Alex about starting a Fun, High-Energy, Rocky, Punky, Poppish style of project. They all got on board, started to practice together and began creating instrumentals. At first, Christian did not want to sing, and they played a lot of shows without a singer - just playing to people, hoping someone would want to sing with them. After a few auditions for a singer, they decided that Christian should be the Lead Vocalist. As of right now, they have recorded 2 Eps, 3 singles and are looking to put out a Full-Length record in early 2014. They have greatly improved with what they do and how they do it and are always told how their energy is contagious. When people leave a Starlit Fiasco show, they leave wanting more. Capturing the minds of many people in the punk rock scene has definitely given them a name. From playing to crowds by the hundreds, to playing to one single person, they never back down from performing. They always want to share their uplifting sound with anyone who is willing to listen. They believe that, together, they'll help make the world a better place with the power of music... one step at a time. They continue to perform whenever they get the chance, are constantly creating new music and are always perfecting their craft. They plan to go on tour soon and make sure they leave their foot prints behind.

Echoes in Absence

An Indie band. With Jonathan Park on lead vocals and guitar, Chris Park on Guitar, and Hank Nellsun on Bass


$10.00 - $12.00


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