Stockholm Smile

Stockholm Smile

For the past several months, savvy music lovers in the St. Louis, Missouri area have been following the band Stockholm Smile.

Scottie Menzel, Drew Lance, Matt Bonasch, Blake Boyster and Kowan Turner had all played in St. Louis-area bands before coming together as Stockholm Smile in 2011. The fusion of their diverse interests and genres has created fans at shows across the Midwest: With driving melodies, powerful instrumentation, thoughtful lyrics and smart production, the guys blend elements of anthem rock, metal, screamo and post-hardcore to create a distinctive sound. Influences include Our Lady Peace, Story of the Year, and 30 Seconds to Mars.

Since mid-2011, the band has worked with Moonspinner Records, a St. Louis-based record label and production company. Moonspinner's Chad Prewett remarked, "It's been fun working with these guys—they are very thoughtful about how they put these songs together, and very open-minded when it comes to production and experimenting in the studio." Moonspinner originally became interested in the band because of the the good songwriting skills of Scottie Menzel and Drew Lance, and also because of the "universal appeal" of the band's songs and style. Prewett comments, "The Stockholm Smile recipe includes just enough of everything to seem balanced . . . . My instinct said this would be popular among a variety of demographics. We went to Omaha, Nebraska to play a show during a tour a few months ago, and my instinct was right—I saw 40 year old women singing along, enjoying the show right alongside teens. These guys appeal to Gen Xers as much as they appeal to Millennials and younger teens. It's smart music—it's not pretentious or trying too hard—and it's real."

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