2012, Summer. Seattle, Washington, something mucho significant was built by 5 dudes’ touch. It is called Infinity Overhead. When the air filled with this piece, heat, light, noise and color to be transformed into stream and traveled through the air with the time shift. Pull and push, depth versus altitude. This romance is like having a high tech air-in choccolata from east village. Once you put the cioccolato inside the mousse, something seeps out all around and it smoothly embraces everything they meet. During this process, all the elements start to kick in, sweetness, bitterness, sourness, and saltiness. Flavor dominates all over the mousse. It clings around and soaks in quietly, then fragrance starts to evaporate through tiny sky inside the dark, merge back into the air. Signals flow to the brain and it delivers the joy to the body through the tide. All commotion appears on the movement makes the body sweats and shivers. After a while all these processes change its shapes and falls into mind, realizes it taste like soil in the wildness or unseen experience turns into little piece of unknown memory we might see tomorrow.

Elements to become alive, things might have to go through some process, mashed, squeezed, roasted, fermented, hydrated, blended, and purified. When the time starts to lose its sense, things will slip out from nowhere or somewhere and start to shape. It’s obvious but invisible, like instinctually tracing the path of light waves and particles. It looks like Minus the Bears’ fifth window made the light change into the color eternally.
– Hiro Tanaka (Tour Photographer, Vibe Tech, Longtime Amigo), June 2012

• Infinity Overhead was recorded from January-April 2012 at London Bridge Studio & Red Room Recording in Seattle, WA.
• Infinity Overhead is the band’s fifth full-length album.
• Infinity Overhead was produced by Matt Bayles, longtime producer and former founding member.
• Minus the Bear is Jake Snider (vocals, guitar), David Knudson (electric & acoustic guitars), Cory Murchy (bass), Alex Rose (keyboards, saxophone, background vocals, programming), Erin Tate (drums & percussion).
• Minus the Bear formed in Seattle in 2001.

Tera Melos is a three - piece band from Northern California consisting of Nick Reinhart (guitars, programming, vocals), Nathan Latona (bass) and newest member John Clardy (drums) Incorporating experimental rock, ambient electronics and unconventional song structure all in one to create their original brand of music characterized by their quickly alternating time signatures, start-stop dynamics, two-handed tapping, extended open-ended bridges, and the use of effect pedals and samplers. Tera Melos has 4 releases to date, including their most recent EP called Idioms Vol I, a 5 song covers album clocking in at under 9 minutes that the band has made a free download. Complex Full of Phantoms a full length split with By the End of Tonight released in 2007, on Temporary Residence. Drugs to the Dear Youth, a 5 Song EP all instrumental album released in 2007 on Sargent House. Their debut LP which is untitled was also re-issued in 2008 by Sargent House. Recently, Nick Reinhart (guitar, vocals) is also in a band with Zach Hill called Bygones, together they will be releasing their debut full length called by- on June 23, 2009 also on Sargent House.

The New Trust

Depending on which part of its story you choose to focus on, The New Trust is either extremely straightforward or tantalizingly complex. In one corner, the co-ed band from Santa Rosa—located about 55 miles north of San Francisco—plays unpretentious, fired-up indie-rock songs that bring to mind the mid-'90s heyday (think Boilermaker, Knapsack, early Promise Ring, etc.), are catchy as all get-out, and rarely reach the three-minute mark. In the other is a European tour the band booked only a year after it formed, lyrics that quote Jermaine Stewart's "We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off" while dissing religion and championing a DIY lifestyle, and a guitarist who originally thought her six-string would be used to sing her future kids to sleep.

"My goal was someday I would at least be good enough to play 'Puff The Magic Dragon' to our children," says Sara Sanger, who happens to be the wife of singer-bassist Josh Staples, who also handles The Velvet Teen's low end. To some, their married-and-in-a-band arrangement is another oddity, but it's hard to get anyone in the band to see it that way—in fact, Sanger would probably still be completely focused on her photography if it wasn't for Staples' encouragement. "Josh was so serious, and such an optimist—he doesn't do anything unless he knows that it's going to happen. I didn't realize that for a long time. I just thought, 'Oh, this is just something he's doing for his wife to make me feel better.'"



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