Young Swift

Young Swift

He is a rarity in the realm of hip-hop. Along with his commanding presence on the stage, Swift delivers his quick-witted lyrics like a seasoned professional. His upbeat tempos generate club-bangers like "Slow Motion”, “Cool Dude," “Use To That,” and he hits hard with true hip-hop style like "Tha Best." Since entering the game, Swift, in a short time, has already been where most new artists would work for years to be. He has opened for mainstream artists such as DJ Unk, Ludacris, Ne-Yo, Lloyd and Monica. He has performed at some of the hottest clubs on the east coast including T.I.'s Club Crucial in Atlanta. Swift is one of a few unsigned artists that has had several of his songs played on mainstream radio. He is also one of the few first unsigned artist to have his music (“Cool Dude”) played in regular rotation on ((XM)) radio. Along with these major milestones, thanks to social networks such as Facebook and Myspace, Swift has become a virtual online success. In less than three months Swift has had nearly 20,000 plays; his single "Cool Dude" over 7,000 alone in less than a month at its debut. Much of his present and future success is in part due to a slew of positive mentors. Swift has worked with many well-known artists and producers throughout his budding career, renowned producers 9th Wonder, Maestro and Shawty Redd. These relationships have led to collaborations on Swift's tracks "Celebrate,” and “In the Way.” At 19 years old, Swift is already a force to be reckoned with. With thousands of fans, management guidance, and mainstream producers and artists all paying close attention, he is definitely on his way to becoming a superstar!


Mentored by 9th Wonder both in the studio and in the classroom, Phocuz has already made a name locally, on the East Coast and the ATL with local peformances and openings. Catch his latest joints on iTunes.
"Born in Bronx, NY I was raised around hip-hop. I knew more about the culture at 7 than most know now as grown men. I moved to NC and started my craft as an mc. Battling writing songs and doing whatever I could to make my claim as one of the contenders to the best of all time throne. I know that its going to take hard work and dedication therefore i named myself Phocuz so i could remind myself to do just that."

B Stacks

Achieving success in the music industry has always held its difficulties. At the verge of making it into this music game some artists allow the industry to get the best of them. Today has become the era of indie artists where the likes of your success is in the hands of your personal hard work.
Humble beings have always been within B ~ Stack$, who is without a doubt a "Product of the South".
Born Sandy Leadbetter in 1990, on the Southside of Durham, North Carolina, this 18 yearold multi-talented MC, songwriter, and producer has learned all about hard work at a very early age and due to his hard work he is currently an artist under Falculty Entertainment, as well as president of Falculty Entertainment. The goals of this MC, in becoming a pioneer within the music industry, is rapidly becoming of reach due to his drive and management team. With the mindset of this teen talent there is nothing that can stand in the way of achieving success.
Southern style MC, B~ Stack$, has been associated with Blood Raw (C.T.E/U.S.D.A), DJ Folk, and The Cartel, what separates this MC is his youthfulness, talent, and humbleness.
From production to the fans this southern native gives 100% in whatever he does. Dedication and hard work is what the rap game needs. This MC has all the ingredients to being successful in this industry.


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