Susan Cagle

Susan Cagle

Every now and then an artist arrives on the scene and captures your attention not with pyrotechnics, high fashion or cutting edge technology, but with an honest voice, an open heart, and songs that touch your soul. Susan Cagle just might be one of those rare artists who can speak to a generation.

Susan Cagle has been traveling the world, singing and performing for audiences since she was two years old. She started out singing with her family, and after striking out on her own, in 2007, she released The Subway Recordings, which was compiled from two live sets she had performed in Times Square and Grand Central Station with her siblings Caroline, Jesse and Ivan. The following year, Spin Doctors’ drummer Aaron Comess caught her act at a club and introduced her to veteran artist manager David Sonenberg (The Fugees, John Legend and the Black Eyed Peas) who set Cagle up with songwriter/producer Toby Gad (Beyoncé, Fergie, Alicia Keys) and advised her to write songs about her life. And that’s exactly what she did. Toby and Susan wrote and performed every song on the Eat Dirt LP, which was released on Capitol Records/Kite Records in 2012 under her stage name of Susan Justice. Presenting an inspiring story of survival, Cagle delivers a collage of emotionally resonant songs that are deeply personal and reflective, but at the same time connect with anyone who’s ever tried to figure out who they are and where they belong.

Now for her next project, Susan is going back to her given name of Cagle, and is working with producer Nicholas Wright. Susan says her new songs will be more beat driven, but never losing the core of her musical style, which is lyrics from the heart.

Stay tuned.

Elizabeth & the Catapult

Elizabeth & The Catapult is a Brooklyn-based artist, consisting of
singer-songwriter Elizabeth Ziman. She is best known for her 2009
album Taller Children, produced by Mike Mogis and released on Verve
Forecast. In the last year she has toured with Kishi Bashi, recorded
with Richard Swift and sang backgrounds for the Waterboys and The
Shins. Her 3rd LP, "Like it Never Happened" is due for release in
January 2013.

Jessi & The Mechanics

Jessi & the Mechanics is a New York-based indie rock band featuring lead singer Jessi Mechanic's powerful voice and songwriting. Their debut LP, "Wandering in Roam", coheres around minor melodies and cutting, Elliot Smith-style lyrics. The four piece band also features guitarist Jason Ide, bassist Andrew McCornack and drummer Mikael Parlow.

With the intensity of Florence Welch and the bluesy, undertone of Amy Winehouse, Jessi's voice is the center of gravity in the album. In "Too Far Gone", Jessi's confessional words hit their marks with violence and intensity: "Strangles you and leaves a mark round your neck/reflections in mirrors won't let you forget."

The songs can lift you up with Motown melodies ("Just Be"), or propel you through the darkness of a post-punk city at night ("Wandering in Roam"). Driven by catchy hooks and guitar riffs, Jessi and the Mechanics takes psycho-physical pain and makes it luminous.


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