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Moon Jelly

In 2012, Anna and Timothy (TELETHON, Zenas Fisk) formed Moon Jelly with Brian (Yip-Yip), Steve (Dark Sea of Awareness), and Arkie (Alias Punch). Moon Jelly, using the combination of light and sound to ward off predators, were given the opportunity to release a record on Bleeding Gold Records. Moon Jelly floated off to the studio to produce their new self titled release. Using everything from omnichords to tape machines, Moon Jelly have interpreted their vision into a sound collage journey from the ocean into the stars. Moon Jelly want you to explore the possibilities of creation with us. Together, we will find our home in the electromagnetic radiation.


Maximino is the one-man soul baby of Gerald Perez. He's described the sound as psychedelic soul that stems from orchestral minimalism and experimental folk, using an array of instruments (synthesizers, cello, and guitar to name a few) to achieve a large and encompassing sound.



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