Ivory Layne

Growing up, Ivory Layne would scribble lyrics on any piece of paper she could find. She had dreams of recording those songs and performing them on stage, just not a way to turn those hopes into reality. But then, her life took a dramatic turn when she got the privilege to work with Nashville based, Grammy-award winning producer, Ed Cash. Together they have produced a compilation of five songs that showcases the fresh and diverse creativity she brings to the music industry. Her musical debut, an EP entitled Volume One, transcends genre boundaries and offers something for all audiences. Not only has she written the music and lyrics to all five songs, but she is also listed as a co-producer of the EP and has been involved in all aspects of the record. With songs about heartbreak, self-identity, relationships, and growing up, Ivory sings about topics with which everyone can relate. Volume One is appropriately named because this is only the beginning; Ivory has countless more miscellaneous papers with song ideas to later share with the world.



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