Tripp 'N Dixie

In June of 08' members with little knowledge of each other decided to give their musician careers another shot, after finding themselves struggling to find the right sound. Using different styles, this swing just so happend to hit it out of the park. Right of the start the band fell into a great sound, as though every instrument was working together rather than against. The soulfull voice of Rozz Rosales, electrifying duel guitars of Christian Goolsby and Adam Cross, backed up by the rumble and thump of Scott King and Kc Navarre on drums and bass guitar, makes a new kind of rock and roll. With a worn touch of classic rock, meshed with a modern feel. Tripp 'N' Dixie is on the verge of something with great importance to the long lost genre of Rock 'N' Roll.

After a long period of composing material, Tripp N Dixie started playing the Detroit Metro scene at venues such as The Ritz, New York New York, The Hayloft, and the Emerald Theatre. With every show, the band’s confidence grew exponentially. After playing at Cleveland Music Festival, through a series of competitions with other bands, Tripp N Dixie sought out bigger shows at venues such as the Token Lounge and Flints own Machine Shop. There, they opened up for national acts Taddy Porter, Saving Abel, Finger Eleven, and My Darkest Days. Along with playing bigger shows, the band started experimenting in the studio. It was at Lava, Silver Dragon, and Pearl Sound studios that Tripp N Dixie picked their songs apart with a fine toothed comb and furthered their musical knowledge into their sound and style.

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