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Our story starts on a particularly cold, gray winter evening. Two men stand hovering over the lifeless body of Mansour. One panics while the other holds her - tears streaming from his face dripping onto her pale skin as a needle, which provided a potent shot of cocaine to her left arm, lies next to her motionless body. There was no pulse.

For Mansour, this was just one of many failed attempts at ending her life.

Her middle class upbringing masked an emotionally and physically abusive home life that became hopeless when her mother, who was her protector, her confidante, and her best friend, passed away when Soraia was only 17. She quickly descended into a destructive lifestyle of drug and alcohol abuse. The next four years brought violent relationships, escalating drug use, and the witnessing of horrific events while living with junkies and pushers.

Try as she may, she could not escape the self-imposed abusive lifestyle which had become her reality. Penniless, homeless and left for dead, that fateful night should have been the epilogue of Soraia's turbulent life. But it wasn't. Soraia was rescued by the only person who could save her: herself.

With a newfound resolve, she got sober, re-entered college, and finished in two years with a teaching degree and the hope in her heart to finally begin a life she was yet waiting to live. Still, teaching proved not enough to quell her intense longing for expression. She turned to poetry, writing, and finally her first love, singing. Driven and determined, tough and still tender, she began her singing career winning over fans immediately with her passion, pain, and raw emotion. Soraia formed her band in late 2004, and began writing songs and performing live anywhere and everywhere she could. With the same intensity and resolve she had approached every addiction she ever had, she went after her heart's ultimate desire.

Soraia gives life to her experiences through her voice, and molds the best and worst of her life story through song. A warrior at heart, nowhere is the true Soraia more visible than on stage during one of the band's ferociously energetic, intoxicating live shows. Her voice showcases the will to survive with a defiant, full-throated vocal performance reminiscent of the great women of rock, such as Grace Slick and Tina Turner. Her sexuality and rawness demand attention of even the most passive of listeners- inviting all of us to the danger rock n' roll promised to be.

Whether in a hot, sweaty rock club or a massive amphitheatre, Soraia's charisma and spirit transcends the concert stage and reaches all those who witness SORAIA live. Rarely will you see a band with so much magic and soul as SORAIA. And never will you hear a story so full of hope and heart as that of Soraia Mansour. Her every breath is a testament that miracles really do exist, and that the underdog really can win the whole world.

Kind of Creatures

we are that good old new rock n roll soul that will make your body glow

Me Equals You

Me Equals You was started in 2010 by Hayden Chance, Zack Ellis, Cody Scarborough and some former members, The group came up with the name Me Equals You and began writing music. Through a series of different events and member changes Aaron Maloney and Austin Kirk joined up with the crew in the summer of 2011. Since August the bands music career has really begun to take off. Even putting them at the... top of the MD and DE reverbnation music charts. With an EP out and a full length on the way, Me Equals You looks forward to building their fan base and playing shows throughout the country. Music is a gift, and Me Equals You has one goal in mind. To share that gift with others, so that listeners can find the same happiness in our music, as the band does playing it. For more information or to listen to our music visit us at
Thank You

Hayden- Guitar/Vocals
Zack- Drums


Rocbox is Daniel Corridori, Ira Josel and Larry Nolly. These three have played in various bands with each other over the years. As RocBox they decided to be totally self-contained and put together RocBox Studio to record their CD. Working over a period of a few years RocBox acquired the equipment and knowledge to record, engineer and produce their own music.

Growing up listening to and playing music of the Rock & Roll greats, each one developed his own unique "feel" for Rock and Roll. The combination of these three musicans produced a truly original view of what Rock & Roll should be.

Rock & Roll isn't just a type of music, it's also an attitude. And the music of RocBox is not a trend, it's a part of what Rock & Roll is all about - the fun, the emotions and the feelings you get from listening to music.



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