Although unknown to himself, it was clear since birth that Beezie had an appreciation for music. With his father being a choir director and his mother being a singer, music has was engrafted in his DNA. Growing up in the poverty striken, drug infested west side of Wilmington, Delaware, Le’Mar became fond of hip hop at a young age. When Beezie was 8 years old, he would pop a cassette in his mother’s stereo and record himself beatboxing and rapping. Using pens and pencils as drumsticks, he’d be romping around the house tapping and hitting on any object that made sound. Beezie started playing drums at age 9. Beezie started playing drums and other various percussion instruments at churches in churches in his area. He further developed his skills in high school when he learned to read music and starting playing in the jazz, orchestral, and marching band.
After highschool Beezie got heavily introduced to the world of producing. Instead of going to college parties he’d stay up all night making hits on the ASR-X and the MPC 2000 machines with his roommate. He spent three next several years rapping, producing, touring, and performing with a group called the Frontlynaz.
Beezie has since became a solo artist. He is truly the one stop shop when it comes to musicianship. Internally inspired, Beezie is known for producing his own beats, writing his own lyrics, and performing with a contagious energy that grips his audience. He has been performed at many states across the country setting stages ablaze. The fans can’t seem too get enough of his authenticity; they all can relate to his music in some way.
Working extremely hard with a “drive that can not die” Beezie continues to create and develop music that the poeple will love. He always says that he wants to use his music to empower, edify, and entertain his listeners. You will never find an artist that’s more transparent n real than Beezie. So, listen, learn, and love this new lane of hip hop that we simply call Beezie music.

Eric "Boots" Greene

Eric ‘Boots’ Greene has been a hidden commodity within the music industry for years. A musical prodigy he is already a well-respected drummer & producer, but the world will soon get to know him as an artist.

Boots is a native of Georgetown, SC where he began playing the drums at the age of 2. His abilities were taken seriously by the age of 10 when he started playing for his hometown church in Philadelphia. However, his first “big break” came when he was given the opportunity to play with gospel recording artist, Richard Smallwood. With a background rooted in gospel, Boots later expanded his musicianship into the R&B, Hip-Hop and Spoken Word genres.

Boots musical influences, which include Michael Jackson, Prince, Baby Face, Pharrell Williams, and Timberland, are all heard in his drumming style. He has developed an impressive set list, and has been touring with musicians for the last decade. He’s been the lead drummer for Jill Scott, Floetry, Kelis, Kid Cuddi, Common, Pharrell Williams, Patti Labelle, Skylar Grey, Jay Z and Sean “PDiddy” Combs, and currently tours with Wiz Khalifa.

With his music career on the rise, he is being sought after and noted for his production work as well, especially for his production work for Def Poetry Jam’s “Black Ice” on his album Death of Willie Lynch. Boots mentors in the production game are Jazzy Jeff, Andre Harris, Vidal Davis, and James Poyser.

At 28 years of age, Boots has traveled and toured the world gaining more experience than musicians twice his age. His professionalism, and ability to produce the sound that artists desire, keeps him sharp, focused and positioned for greater projects. “I have toured the world with many artists. Now, I want to step out and let the world hear me and my music.”


Nikoleye is an Inspirational/Christian hip hop artist from Wilmington Delaware. He is a producer/songwriter/artist that has the desire to bring an authentic positive change to the hip hop culture. Don’t count on Nikoleye to be considered as your typical inspirational artist. Like many other artists, Nikoleye once represented the epitome of popular (or mainstream) music. He views a lot of today’s music to be poison for the mind and soul because it has taken a record of decline. Hip hop has moved from once being music for the soul and a voice for the people, to now being used as a tool of manipulation and promotion of self-genocide. Still flashy with supreme stage presence, his punch lines do tend to go over the edge and beyond the boundaries most artists refuse to cross.

Nikoleye has worked with several artists in the tri-state area. Gabriel Smallwood (NY) is the minister of music at Ezion Fair Baptist Church, song writer and director of Ezion Fair Agape Community Choir. Duke Toller is a gospel rapper from Chester (PA) part of the 1 Body in Christ hip hop movement. ReaL, an up and coming gospel artist from Wilmington DE, Jaquetta May a singer/songwriter from Delaware, Camille Welsh an up and coming singer/songwriter from Philadelphia, C.J Pitts a Gospel singer/songwriter from Delaware and Autumn Jones. The artists listed are featured on the Nikoleye’s album ‘The Wilderness Project”. The focus of this project is to help those seeking change, spiritual growth, and direction to a better life. Nikoleye uses his experiences of being in a wilderness mindset to help others become free from self-oppression. He believes that the battle starts with the mind and change begins from within.



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