Lawrence Rothman (Release Party!)

Lawrence Rothman (Release Party!)

Lawrence Rothman- a musician from the Midwest who lived a nomadic life before settling in Los Angeles to concentrate on a musical project inspired by the writings of Charles Bukowski and a fascination with R&B, film scores and house music.

On his entrancing debut 7” single “Montauk Fling”, Lawrence sings in a haunting baritone as rich and resonating as that of Leonard Cohen over a minimalist 808 beat about the secret lives that inhabit one’s psyche.


Matthew Daniel Siskin began writing songs as Gambles in August 2012 with no goal or motive other than the past few years needed addressing, and things that had gone unsaid for too long needed saying.

“Trust” the first song released publicly, came together quickly and spontaneously between friends. Nicolas Vernhes and Matthew (long time close friends & collaborators) were enjoying a late night at the Rare Book Room where Vernhes keeps a recording studio, label, and home. Towards the end of the evening the two ended up downstairs in the studio where “Trust” was sang in a single take, and with no words written.

“I think I just needed to say all of those things in that way, and it sort of just happened – and there is nobody else I trust as much as Nico, besides myself, to be in the right place, to say them”

“Trust was just the beginning – I think a new process for me began that night, and I realized I didn’t need to sit down and really think about it too hard, it just had to happen. there’s about 20 or so other songs which came together a lot like that. it’s all stuff I’ve lived, a lot of it is pretty hard to hear played back – but that sort of told me I was going in the right direction.”

Gambles is the end of a process and of many processes, the end of choices and the removal of style, the end of endlessness and self-doubt.

Gambles is music and people, boiled down, pressed dry, sliced thin, and left to dry. Yet it’s clear that for Matthew, Gambles is also everything, a life-saving perspective into events that demand to be acknowledged, registered, declared and when ready, left.

VOWS are a reminder of a time that never happened and probably never will. Inspired by film, literature and romance, VOWS' sound somehow begins in your head, next to Bauhaus and your old Cure tapes, and ends up in a seedy, underground dance club after everybody has left.

Matt and Rizz first met at College in their hometown of Sydney, Australia. Even though as children they grew up on opposite sides of the world, they both turned to Television to distract themselves from unsatisfactory childhoods - pop culture and its beautifully tragic underbelly permeates everything they've done.

After becoming fixtures on the Sydney experimental music scene, the eternally restless friends decided to ditch their hometown lives and headed for Los Angeles where they shared a Hollywood studio apartment for 18 months. During this time they worked in studios, played some shows, took odd random jobs and indulged their idea of a good time - cheap vodka and Koyaanisqatsi viewings. They also spent as much time as possible piecing together what would become their inimitable sound and style - somehow arriving at a mixture of confessional storytelling set to club beats, grinding synths and mechanistic, post-punk tinged guitar lines, all deceptively rooted in pop.

In 2012 the pair relocated to New York City, where they are now based.


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