Heene Boyz "The World's Youngest Metal Band"

Heene Boyz

HEENE BOYZ has made many appearances on television that include two times on Wife Swap, and have they been in the news for their storm chase adventures.

HEENE BOYZ might just be the world’s youngest metal band. Falcon Heene, age 10, is the lead vocalist and Bass player, Bradford Heene, age 13, plays lead guitar, and Ryo Heene, age 12, plays the drums.
The band started in January 2011 in Spring Hill, Florida.

Falcon Heene was born with an unusually high pitch voice that is unique and adds to the metal sound of the band.
Their musical influences include Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Dio, Metallica, to Disturbed, Linkin Park, Van Halen and most everything else that is Metal.

HEENE BOYZ was featured in 11 magazines of Voice Media Group (New Times Broward-Palm Beach, Observer, Westword, Houston Press, LA Weekly, New Times Miami, City Pages, Voice, OC Weekly, New Times Phoenix, & Riverfront Times) and Yahoo News in December, 2012.

Jay Thomas, Howard 101Sirius XM: "Something New..You might have a hit on your hands."
Tampa Bay Soundcheck: "..there’s a genuine touch of Bruce Dickinson’s wail in young Falcon’s pipes."
Mail Online, UK: "The Heene Boyz music is certainly heavy, both in sound and themes as the video below for 'Chasing Tornadoes' and 'Again' clearly show."

Currently, Heene Boyz is working on the 2nd Album, "American Chili" - heavier and unique style of metal with a big surprise - you can't miss.

Giants of Genesis

The band started with Eric Bostic, Josh Willis, Joe Sharpe and Russell Hall. The band has been through lineup changes over the past year and a half. The current lineup features a new drummer (Tyler Bristow) and bass player(David Tyler). The music has shifted into more melodic tunes, with a hard edge.
Giants of Genesis is a band who fall into a unique pocket of music. The music is meta,l but it isn't technical for the sake of being technical. The music isn't overly simplistic either. We craft songs based on what we feel at that given time. We work together to write music that we are proud of. Some songs are catchy and grab you, while others are meant to be epics that tell a story. This is a good concept to keep in mind when writing and arranging music. You don't want to bore the listener, but you don't want to lose them either.

Red Angel

Red angel is a powerhouse hard rock band hailing from Delaware. founded in 2010, this 6 piece two vocal fronted monster was created with the purpose of putting a pulse back into rock 'n roll.

With six bandmembers you have a cornucopic array of ideas and unlimited potential that just mesh-along with varying ages within the band. Styles and influences are on a grander scale and its showcased in a eclectic song catalog. With red Angel you get the vintage lines with a newly souped-up motor...

Red Angel has open for national acts Filter,Charm City Devils , Pop Evil , Smile Empty Soul.... just to name a few. Red Angel is also the official fight band for stellar fights. They have won numerous battle the bands and 2012 were named 93.5 the beach band of the year.
To close out their 2012 red angel released a four song EP that was recorded in Canada with legendary producer Glen Robinson at Martin des champ studio.

2013 started off with a bang when red angel was approached by NASCAR driver CJ Faison to write a song for his 2013 season title "GET DIRTY "
Pushing forward full steam ahead with shows booked in Charlotte, New York City and Philadelphia the boys are anxious to spread their sound and bring the energy and explosive shows to a stage near you........



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