The Young and Gifted feat Ra'ed at Jolly's Dueling Piano Bar


Ra'ed was born Michael Lè Carroll Jr, March 9, 1990 in the heat of North Philadelphia. At age 2 Ra'ed was already showcasing his talent for family and friends singing and dancing at family gatherings. Ra'ed started writing poetry in elementary school, where he discovered he had a talent for putting words together in a way that speaks directly to the soul.
When Ra'ed was at the tender age of 16, he discovered that his way with words through music was the best way to express himself. The first song Ra'ed ever wrote and recorded was "Summer Nights". Summer Nights gained a lot of positive feedback which lead him to see that this was his passion. For Ra'ed being on stage has always been a part of his life and he says it will always remain that way.
Now more mature and season, Ra'ed has perfected his craft. Ra'ed style is truly unique and straight from his heart into your soul. He speaks of his joy, pain, and fears through his beautiful music. The greatest satisfaction to Ra'ed is that feeling people get when relating to his music, because Ra'ed raps about real life situations. Ra'ed just wants to share his god given talent of making beautiful music that everyone can relate to. They say "hard work pays off" and that the driving motivation that keeps him on the path of success, chasing his dreams.


$5.00 - $10.00


Insomniac Productions presents The Young and Gifted, a night of entertainment hosted by Comedian Jemaine Jones, regular in the Philadelphia and New York comedy circuits. Original musical performances by Ra’ed, a young a talented soul singer and songwriter from right here in Philadelphia, emerging as one of the most talented young writers and performers in the region. Ra’ed will be joined by all female hip-hop trio Aviance, one of the top live hip hop acts in the city. Join Insomniac Productions and Jolly’s in celebrating the Young and Gifted of the Philadelphia performance scene. Hosted by Comedian Jemaine Jones

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