"Motown On Mondays"

"Motown On Mondays"

MOM DJs is a family of djs, musicians, event producers,
designers and music enthusiasts that all share a passion for
the convergence of soulful dance music. They perform at and
produce weekly, monthly and special events across the globe.
From their headquarters in San Francisco to Los Angeles, New
York to Austin, Honolulu to Berlin, Moscow to Vancouver, we
represent the most spirited events with a unique vibration. After
several years of cultivating the collective energies of their partners
and fans they’ve grown a veritable garden of talent to work with.
The inspiration comes from Motown, soul, funk and disco with
a focus on original remixes and edits of timeless songs. We
continually seek to bridge the gap from the tender eared youth to
the discerning tastes of our much-respected elders while placing
emphasis on quality and vibe over bottom line thinking. No
matter what the project MOM DJs keep your spirits lifted and hearts

“Connect. Commune. Create.”

Rob Swift

On Monday, July 15th, at Brooklyn Bowl...

MOM BK (aka Motown On Mondays) presents...

Legendary DJ ROB SWIFT weaving together a special MOM inspired set including Motown, funk, soul, disco and heavy remixes of music that inspired and was inspired by these classic sounds. All of hip-hop, pop and dance music the world over owe their roots to the artists and producers from this golden era of American soul music.

You are in for a VERY SPECIAL journey as Mr. Swift embarks on a DJ set that will reveal an evening of music to shake your body, elevate your mind ... and make your soul sweat. Think Stevie vs Marvin, Diana vs Aretha, Classic Motown vs Modern Soul, funk vs hip hop, disco vs original dance remixes!

So come dance to the sounds of NY's top tastemakers paying homage to the world's musical giants of soul!

Rob Swift has worked with Linkin Park, Herbie Hancock, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mike Patton, Bob James, and was an original member, along with Mista Sinista, of the infamous X-Ecutioners DJ crew formed out of Harlem in the early 90s.

DJ Concerned

Intent on defending the blend, Concerned navigates the waters where Funk, Soul, Reggae, Latin, Afro-beat and Hip Hop intersect. He is a fan-favorite and a darling of the social scene. His versatility makes him the rare DJ recruited by live bands of all genres. Concerned is trusted to set the vibe for any audience, customized to the style of the particular band. If you haven’t had a chance to party with DJ Concerned, do something about it…

DJ Wisdom

When asked twenty years ago by his parents "what are you gonna do out there in San Francisco", New York Native Wisdom confidently replied, "Deejay!" Now twenty years later in 2012, DJ Wisdom's career has taken him to places as far away as Europe and all over the United States and Canada. This list of parties he's played at nationally and internationally have included Cafe Moscow in Berlin, Germany, The Fillmore West, in San Francisco, CA, and The Basement, in Ontario, Canada. Wisdom has been the founder and resident at numerous parties throughout San Francisco's golden era of the 1990's and early 2000's, such as Funkside (Club Deco), Blend (Storyville), and Casa (Madrone). These parties are representative of the diverse types of of music DJ Wisdom blends (brings into the mix?), as varied as hip hop, soul, latin, caribbean, and international. This multifaceted appeal grew its roots in the early years in San Fran when, in 1993, DJ Wisdom, along with J-Boogie and Raw-B, created Beatsauce hip hop radio show on KUSF, a groundbreaking show that ran for 15 years. During those programs, DJ Wisdom interviewed such musical legends as Afrika Bambata, Guru, Common, and Jay-Z. Currently living in New York with his family, with residencies throughout NYC and upstate,....

RSVP List Closed, $5 at Doors

RSVP List Closed, $5 at Doors

RSVP List Closed, $5 at Doors

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