Watermelon is a Funk Rock band stationed in New York City. The band's unique sound is formed from the dynamic interplay of two singers, guitar, keys, and a driving rhythm section, producing a sound that has been called raucous rock 'n' roll with a punch of funk and undertones of hip hop. While the band's spirit can be traced to the revelry and comradery of Sly and the Family Stone, the band does not shy away from such diverse influences as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Funkadelic, and Talking Heads. Seeking to break down all barriers with the audience, Watermelon lives for the live experience.

Huckleberry Green

~A conglomerate of Chicago area grassroots musicians. Comprised of members from various other bands and projects, including Jeremey Bates, Marx Marvelous, Flatland Ramble, Plasma Cop Dept. & Sean Shiel~
Jeremey Bates-Guitar/Harmonica/Vox
*Sean Shiel-Mandolin/Vox
**AJ Knaack-Banjo/Vox
***Steve Hansen-Upright Bass/vox
****Caleb Peters-Guitar/Vox

Lakeside collective

Lakeside Collective was formed on a cold fall night, on the Northside of Chicago. We met through school and open ears. After spending the time jamming and creating we decided to pursue what we had.

Still an early band we are moving quickly on the scene and playing as much as possible, trying to express our art and the limits in which we are willing to go for improvisation.

We hope we can make you groove.



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