Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers

Dwayne (Dopsie) Rubin hails from one of the most influential Zydeco families in the world. Although inspired by tradition, Dwayne has developed his own high energy style that defies existing stereotypes and blazes a refreshingly distinct path for 21st century Zydeco music. This singer/songwriter and accordionist has performed all over the world since debuting his band, Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers, at age 19.

As a tribute to his late father, Rockin’ Dopsie, Sr., Dwayne will record an album of his Dad’s greatest zydeco hits. Dwayne and the Hellraisers are currently in the studio wrapping up their 6th studio album, a follow up to Up In Flames, their second album to be prenominated for a Grammy Award. The Louisiana native writes both the lyrics and music for his songs and describes the upcoming album as soulful with a touch of blues and old time zydeco feel. The new album will receive additional air time on Sirius XM satellite radio. The band plans to promote their album by touring both nationally and abroad and appearing on late night talk shows. 2011 will mark their 3rd summer promotional tour in Europe, adding to the 70+ international festivals they have performed in the last 2 years.

Dwayne Dopsie, age 32, grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana, as well as four of the Hellraisers. Dwayne has created the perfect band of hand picked musicians. The washboard player, Alex MacDonald, possesses skill and timing that are unmatched, making him a true musician, not just a marvel holding a washboard. Combined, the band has over 100 years of experience playing Zydeco music and it shows in every performance. The energy, true talent, and exuberance that Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers emit from stage makes it obvious that there is no competition for this band.

Not only has Dwayne’s band mastered zydeco music, they also add a bit of rhythm and blues, funk, rock and roll, reggae and pop to their performances, making them a very versatile choice for any audience. This Indie artist was named “The Hottest Accordionist” in America for his ability to both work the crowd and pump out musical harmony in grandiose fashion. Dwayne doesn’t confine himself to the stage; he interacts with the crowd, blurring the barrier between performer and audience. Audiences jump to their feet energized by Dwayne’s musical innovation, charismatic performance and sheer, raw talent. His ability to capture the imagination, heart and soul of his audience makes Dwayne one of today’s most dynamic performers.

2011 is a turning point for Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers. With hopes of a Grammy nomination for their new album, they are hoping to sign with a major record label so that they may share this unique style of music with broader audiences. Adding this band to a festival or event line-up is a must and you, too, will be just as excited as your audience as Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers take you into the realm of their on-stage fury aka Dopsie Mania.

Brooke Thomas and The Blue Suns

"Only a few years ago Brooke Thomas sang plenty, but without performing in a traveling band. Now in 2011, after fronting the Blue Suns for about a year, she is releasing a CD, Live from the Capital City, this weekend, won the local 2010 International Blues Challenge solo/duo contest and performs regularly at venues all over central Illinois. Behind Brooke’s stellar voice, the Blue Suns, Mike Burnett (guitar, vocals) Dion Doss (drums), Chris Warren (bass), Archie Logan (saxophones) and Ed Fliege (keyboards) provide musical backing by some of the best musicians around town. Burnett, frontman of local stalwarts the Suns of Circumstance and a consistent force in area music performance, guides the Brooke Thomas and Blue Suns boat “by keeping both paddles in the water,” while keeping the gigs coming and the music moving. As the band name suggests, the music reflects a strong soul/blues influence and the groovy goodness of the other Suns by combining originals tunes with fun covers to reach out to varying age groups and levels of taste."
(Illinois Times, http://www.illinoistimes.com/Springfield/article-8888-brooke-thomas-and-the-blue-suns.html, 07/21/2011)

Suns of Circumstance

The Untouchable Force

The Untouchables is an all-star group of Central Illinois musicians featuring Neill Dresen, Ian Grindstaff, Mark McKnight, Jeff Davidson, Jay Larson, Frank Parker, Jennifer Hood, and Johnny Owens. Sets usually include guest performances and an eclectic mix of rock, world music, and percussion.

Alligator Wine

Alligator Wine started a couple years back when a bunch of old friends (and experienced musicians) decided to make some music.

*Kristi Lecocq our LEAD singer and guitar - Without a doubt one of the most soulful, bluesy voices you'll hear.
-She raduated from Millikin University in 1997 with Bachelors of Music in Commercial Music
- Adjunct instructor of Commercial Vocal Styles at Millikin University from 2005-2009
- Former member of Blue Bus, Equinox, Pancake Supper, Alpha Brats, One-Eyed Red
- Also a current member of Sojourn (based out of Mattoon - www.sojournrocks.com)

*Roe Skidmore - guitar/vocals. A long time and founding member of Pancake Supper and One-Eyed Red. Tasty guitar, a voice like an angel and "Can hit a driver 290yds down the middle with consistency"

*Jon Griffin - Percussion/Harmonica/Vocals extrordinaire. Not only a talented musician - our in house artist and promoter. His skills at all are unrivaled. (Forever One Reporters Opinion) A former member of
Junkwagon, Jiveafro and One-Eyed Red to name a few

*Brandon Korthals - Lead Guitar - Our newest member - Just an amazing, unique guitarist. You need to hear it to understand - Mind blowing skills and tone!

*Neil Dressen - Multi Talented musician - One hell of a guitar player - Big time player and influence and the local Decatur music scene

*Kris Hyden - Millikin Music School Alum and major Influence on new music introduced and low down dirty bass lines...

Annatomic and E-Holla

Annatomic first fell in love with electronic music in the early to mid 90's by being introduced by several DJ friends who frequented Raves and clubs in Chicago. Some of her favorite places were The Shelter, Berlin, Crowbar and Red Dog. About 13 years ago she started dabling in DJing and acquired her first set of technics and started gathering records. She has now been DJing out in clubs steady for the last 6 years where she held a residency in Racine, WI spinning Hip-hop, reggae, R n B and House, in Milwaukee, WI she opened for Alexander East at Bad Genie, Fortune at Crave and performed at other various events around town. New to
Springfield she has started to network with other local "House Heads" to try and get the house movement sparked up again, you may have caught her opening for Boombox or DJing on Saturday Night Mixlab on 88.3 WQNA. Her favorite genre will always be house music, particularly tracks that have a funky percussion, sexy vocals and any/or any other nuance that makes hearts flutter and hips shake!!!!! Quote from her, "I LOVE DJing because it gives me freedom to move people through music and a creative outlet to spread positive energy and passion."

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