Horseskull, Hour of 13, Sinister Haze, Demon Eye, P.O.W.


Former members of Soulpreacher, Anthony Staton (vox and guitar) and Michael Avery (guitar and fx), along with Eric B. (drums) created Horsesküll to plunge a heavy stake into the heart of the masses. Recently joined by keeper of the low end, Robb Hewlett, on bass, it's time to Turn up, tune down, and DOOM OUT!

Hour of 13

The beauty of Hour of 13, purveyors of 'true occult doom' as they're saying, is that not only this US duo have learnt and properly digested all their chops from the darkest corners of the NWOBHM movement – think Pagan Altar or Witchfynder General riding with the devil on a moonless night – but they've also penned the kind of blasphemous lyrics even Glen Benton would find offensive. Blame it on multi-instrumentist Chad Davis, ex-Demoncy, new drummer of Father Befouled and hundreds more or less short-lived black or death bands/projects. And if you've recently feel under the spell of The Devil's Blood for example, you'd be well-advised to enter their cult.

Sinister Haze

Sinister Haze is a band from Richmond, VA.
They play heavy music - hard psychedelic rock/traditional doom.

Demon Eye

Taking their name from one of the darker tracks of the Deep Purple catalog, Demon Eye is the alter ego of Raleigh NC’s deep cut ‘70s tribute, Corvette Summer. Four men, two New Yorkers, two Southerners, and one shared love for old school metal. Demon Eye’s heavy grooves and thunder rhythms channel the doom and crush of Black Sabbath and Pentagram, and the fist banging shred of early ‘Maiden. They have shared the stage with the likes of Loincloth, Pilgrim, Samothrace, The Sword, Kyng, Colossus, Thunderlip, Salvación, Fantastico, and Solar Halos.


Grim Reefer-Drums
Hash Slinging Slasher-Bass

$7.00 - $10.00


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