Haethen, Vimur, Mysteriarch, Autolatry, Obsidian Tongue




black metal courtesy of
Amon : Drums
Keihule : Bass
Vaedis : Vocals, Guitar
D.A. : Guitar


"MYSTERIARCH" n. One presiding over mysteries.

Mysteriarch was formed in Charlotte, NC in 2002. Drawing inspiration from the occult, as well as humanity's mystery traditions and the hidden aspects of existence, they wasted little time establishing a powerful and unique style of black metal. The band's first EP "Renaissance of the Maelstrom" was recorded in 2004 and was only distrubuted privately
among friends.

After several years of extensive gigging and line-up changes, the band's debut full-length album "The Majestic Fall" was released through Ophiucus Records.

In 2011 Mysteriarch signed with U.S. label Razed Soul Productions to release their 2nd full-length album "Mournful Embrace of Aeons", along with a re-release of the debut full-length album and EP.

Mysteriarch have shared the stage with some of Metal's elite acts, including Absu (USA), Blood Red Throne (Nor), Grave (Swe), Chthonic (Twn), Epica (Neth), Mayhem (Nor), Rotting Christ (Grc), Sothis (USA) and many more.


Steeped in New England's rich heritage, Autolatry meld progressive and melodic elements into a whirlwind of sonic character that can only be described as "New England Black Metal". Formed in 2010 as a 3-piece band by brothers Dave and Matt Kaminsky and Karl Chamberlain, Autolatry has since matured into a well-rounded quintet. Each of Autolatry’s releases combine powerful lyrics with musical themes to tell a story derived from the history of their home region.

Obsidian Tongue

Founded in January 2009 as a solo project by Brendan James Hayter.
An album was recorded on a Tascam 4-track in the summer of 2009, only to be discarded and used as demo material to find other members. Greg Murphy joined the band in November 2009.

Satisfied with their sound as a duo, they recorded a demo of all new songs in February 2010, once again on the same 4-track cassette recorder that begun the project. 100 copies were dubbed and hand-numbered and sold at shows when Obsidian Tongue begun playing live in the Spring of 2010.

After another demo, the Subradiant Architecture demo in 2011, their debut album “Volume I: Subradiant Architecture” was recorded and mixed onto vintage tape machines in March 2012 at Mystic Valley Studio in Medford by Alex Garcia-Rivera. The album was tracked on 2" tape and mixed down onto 1" tape. The sound is organic and raw, allowing the compositions and natural tones of the instruments to speak for themselves.
They self-released the album on CD under their own newly founded imprint Dissociation Records on May 25, 2012, backed by a distribution deal with Ragnarok Records.

The release was followed with another string of live performances within their native region of New England, including a direct support slot opening for black metal titans Agalloch and Fen in October 2012. This was followed by their first tour in November 2012, trekking across the east coast for 2 weeks. The journey proved to be a success and the band intends to tour much more in the future.

With nearly 5 hours of music composed and ready for release, the duo will continue exploring and celebrating the psychedelic, cathartic and unifying principles of extreme metal until the end of their days.

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