Ill Doots, Angwish, Funky Geezer, Sherman Hellville

Ill Doots

For fans of J Dilla, The Roots, and Donny Hathaway.

Born in a Philadelphia dorm room in 2009, ILL DOOTS has grown to become a high-energy hip-hop band consisting of 7 full time members, as well as an auxiliary horn section. Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, and Rock are some of the few genres that make up ILL DOOTS' original sound.

ILL DOOTS is committing immense time and energy to their music, to become one of the tightest bands out there today. The group always puts their music before anything and is always looking for new ideas to inspire and collaborate. ILL DOOTS intends to continue touring to spread their sound and love of the music that they produce.



Power Duo sets out to reclaim rock's artistic integrity with the "Rock and Roll Destroyed My Life" North American tour! Independently touring, self-distributed. The new album marks a change in direction from their indie/pop-punk sound. Angwish decided to go back to its hard rocking grunge roots of the late 90s. The album was recorded in its entirety in one 36 minute long take. It's 9 songs that have no break in between them, and tracked live in the studio. Think Bleach and Incesticide a la Let It Be and Abbey Road.

Funky Geezer


Sherman Hellville

punk ass blues,
oddball folk,
questionable rock,
malevolent intentions

$5.00 - $7.00


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