Self Made Monsters, Nerve Endings, Single Shot Sinners, The Fill Ins

Self Made Monsters

Self Made Monsters were hatched from Eddie's subterranean habitat in the mid 1990's. None of them had even considered playing an instrument until boredom and their disappointment with the music scene inspired their formation. Call it what you like, punk, garage, rock n roll, shit, great, noise, unbearable, but the band continues to strike a cord with audiences everywhere. The Self Made Monsters have released two 7"s and one full length album on Brain Drain Records.

Nerve Endings

Nerve Endings are a garage rock/punk band from Bristol, TN/VA. It consists of members (former or current) of Thee Birds ov Paradise, Helm, and Pizza Flag books. We play drunk, loud, and sloppy and sometimes we tell dick jokes.

Single Shot Sinners


Have you heard? No really, have you heard? The Fill Ins are unlike any other band you will see.... Some have said that the band is "a joke" and that we're a fake.... Some say we are "epic winning and badass".... How ever you wanna word it, we are here to stay. We've got Alex Stiff on guitar and vocals, Steven Touchton on bass and random insults, Mikey Black on lead guitar and overall badassness and Matt McCoy on drums and whatever the fuck else he wants to do to you during a show.



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