Sinners and Saints, The Carbonari, Madison Lucas, The KPSOLOMAN5000 Quartet

Sinners and Saints

Foot stompin', shit kickin', whiskey drinkin', sweet lovin' music.

The Carbonari

We are the Carbonari. Our name is borrowed from a secret society of revolutionaries that took great risk in the pursuit of freedom, liberty, and equality. Like them we endeavor to be brave, compassionate, and righteous, in our music and through the development of our characters. As individuals we have each felt a calling to play music, and we hope through our works together to create something constructive and beneficial for those amongst us who love peace, truth, and justice. Thank you for taking an interest in us, and I hope that you will accompany us in our journey forward. - Adam Vaagen

Madison Lucas

Madison Lucas is a singer-songwriter currently living in Charlotte, NC. She taught herself to play guitar from a Beatles songbook that she purchased at a second-hand record store at the age of 17. She began writing songs at the age of 20 in her college dorm room at Coastal Carolina University (Myrtle Beach, SC) while obtaining a bachelor's degree in marketing and performing at open mics in the area. After graduating, she moved back to her hometown (Great Falls, SC) and continued writing songs on piano and guitar in her bedroom while working in Charlotte, NC. During the summer of 2010 she met musicians Jason Mauer and Chris Reed from Winnsboro, SC. They collaborated to create 'The Bedroom EP' which is now available at Manifest Discs in Columbia, SC and for download at

The KPSOLOMAN5000 Quartet

Kyle Perkins of 25 MINUTES TO GO acoustic punk, folk, country, rock & blues with accompaniment from Geoff 'Geoffreaux' White (of OverMountainMen/Appalucia/LostSoulTravelingShow/LeadvilleSocialClub/TheGoddamnGallows) on fiddle, Wyley Buck Boswell (of Appalucia/Hectagons!/AndyTheDoorBum/Clavius/HellOrHighWater) on banjo & Christopher 'Skeez Slezak (of Appalucia/Adulterers/MembersOfTheSea/Foxchase/VedaWoolf/Crackers&Snackmeat) on percussion, maybe more!

$5.00 - $7.00


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