Bless These Sounds Under the City, The Sound of the Mountain, The Mineral Girls

Bless These Sounds Under the City

Bless These Sounds Under The City is one of the most passionately interesting duos to emerge from the Queen City. These two guys are quickly perfecting synthetics, adding hues of electric folk and golden melodies to build a symphonic sound that is yet to be matched in originality around Charlotte. Pulling out iconoclastic instruments such as a Glockenspiel and even a melodica to inspire their live performances, frankly, this band knows how to create.

The Sound of the Mountain

The Sound of the Mountain was formed in November 2008, a year later they began recording their debut album The Child of Stereo in Mono. Recording was finished in December 2009 and the CD was released before their 2010 tours. They returned to the studio in 2011 to record their second record My Child, I have the Answer, touring again in 2011 and 2012 to support it. The Sound of the Mountain is currently writing new material and planning a summer/fall 2013 tour.

"The instrumental post-rock trance music of The Sound of the Mountain lulls the audience in an eerie way. The rhythm guitar calls out in a voice of shoegaze underneath the lead, mixing in post-rock and experimental verses of an ominous nature. Like looking upon an expansive landscape, The Sound of the Mountain paints out the extensive details of their songs, lending a soundtrack-esque feel as you listen to the multitude of movements and choruses, each a little different than the last, all while the bass and drums echo and clash like a thunderstorm."

post-internet emotive indie pop.



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