Blood, Sweat & Tears (6pm Show)

Blood Sweat & Tears

A musical institution, Blood Sweat & Tears has left an indelible mark on the American music scene since 1968. One of the greatest horn bands in the history of popular music, their alumni roster reads like a Who's Who of the world's greatest jazz and rock musicians. As the band has evolved through the years, it has maintained its commitment to high standards by including in its current roster the most talented musicians available.

Singer/songwriter Bo Bice, the new front-man for Blood Sweat & Tears, had an impressive career long before he first came to the attention of the great, horn-driven jazz rock band. Raised in the Southeast, as well as England, Bice's musical tastes were influenced by everything from country music, southern rock and gospel music to English rock.

His first significant breakthrough, however, came via his supercharged appearances on American Idol. Although he was one of the show's oldest contestants, he finished as the runner-up to Carrie Underwood, the winner of the fourth American Idol Season.

But the judges weren't the only ones – in addition to the huge television audiences – who were closely watching Bo Bice's high voltage, crowd-pleasing ‘Idol’ appearances. Bobby Colomby, founder and drummer of the original B,S&T, as well as manager/producer of BS&T, also watched Bice's appearances on American Idol with similarly enthusiastic reactions. Discussing Bice's efforts on the show, Colomby underscores his fascination with Bice's singing, praising his “great musicianship” and “impressive choice of songs.”

Bice was equally delighted by Colomby's interest in his work, and well aware of his many music world successes. Even so, he was startled when Colomby reached out to him, offering Bice the opportunity to become the lead singer with Blood Sweat & Tears.

“I was very excited,” says Bice, “when he asked me to go out with the band and do five or six shows with them. How incredible was that – to be singing in place of David Clayton Thomas in a band that had Al Kooper, Jaco Pastorius and so many great players. Bobby has an incredible ear, and eye, for talent. He's not only been a major part of making Blood Sweat & Tears what it is, but he's done so much for other artists too. Our relationship is just beginning, but I'm hoping it's going to go on for many years to come. There's a lot I can learn from a fella like B.C. It's a very different vibe for me, doing Blood Sweat & Tears stuff, but also I have to say it's very challenging. The singers who have been involved with this band have been phenomenal over the years, doing some great songs. So now I have the chance to go out there and put my own spin on some of these very familiar tunes. I want the fans, when they come out to hear us, to remember the songs the way that I remember them.”



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