Christie Lenée

Christie Lenée

Christie Lenee has been capturing a wide audience across the US- many times being seen on stage with Tim Reynolds (guitarist for Dave Matthews Band) and a stellar cast of musicians including Amy Ray (Indigo Girls), Jeff Coffin, and Stanley Jordan. Her recent EP "Give and Take In" has been receiving excellent reviews and gaining momentum through various radio stations, touching souls with innovative musicianship and soulfully-inspired lyrics. Christie was selected in 2011 as "Best Guitarist" for the 93.7WSTW Hometown Heroes Awards, and "Best Female Songwriter" for Origivation Magazine's Readers Choice Awards (Philadelphia, PA). Her unique guitar work is often compared to visionaries like Michael Hedges, Andy McKee, John Mayer, and Ani Difranco- fusing folky/funky playfulness with pop/rock inspired songs and virtuosic guitar compositions. She is, as Skope Magazine states, "a refreshing burst of unrestrained love and feeling... It's simply a joy to listen to her spirit break free."

Christie has composed a variety of innovative works- from folk and funk, to pop/rock inspired songs, to choral arrangements and classical orchestrations. Her ability to fuse the multiplicity of styles propels an eruption of harmonic fluidity, delivering profound expressions and a vibrant live performance. Whether performing solo or with a full band, Lenée's kinetic fingerboard work, alluring voice, and rich lyrics create a mesmerizing experience.

The recently released "Give and Take In" EP, featuring saxophonist Jeff Coffin on the title track, represents a variety of Christie's acoustic and electric band material. This EP also includes the first of three movements from her modern fingerstyle piece "Evolution," which has been played in addition to the song "Before I Go" on WXPN 88.5 (Philadelphia, PA), WSTW 93.7 (Wilmington, DE), WMNF 88.5 (Tampa, FL), and various internet radio stations. The sound on this EP was compared to Dave Matthews Band's "Before These Crowded Streets" while the sixth track, "Smile," was compared to Sir Paul McCartney and The Beatles in a review by Skope Magazine. Christie has been forming a large following in many cities along the eastern seaboard such as Philadelphia, New York City, Annapolis, Roanoke & Floyd, The Outerbanks, and her hometown of Tampa, not to mention many other great cities in the United States.

An upcoming album is currently in production with a substantial amount of touring to follow. Crafted instrumental acoustic pieces, catchy songs, expansive band arrangements, plus special guitar collaborations with Tim Reynolds and Stanley Jordan have garnered increased excitement about the project. Meanwhile the "Give and Take In" EP and raw "Acoustic Sessions" albums are continuing to spread a buzz. She lights up each stage with a radiant presence, driven to spread a positive energy and inspirational message through her music. As Tim Reynolds states, "Christie Lenée is a wonderful spirit making beautiful music on the guitar. She has epic compositions that take one on a journey through time."

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