Abraham Levitan

Abraham Levitan

Abraham Levitan is a the front man of the former indie-rock group Baby Teeth, the cohost of the Shame That Tune, the live music comedy game show performed here every 2nd Friday of the month, and the founder of the music-education company Piano Power. But, who is Abraham truly? We are honored to host him as the artist in residence for the month of July while he tries to figure it out. Like peering through a telescope into a kaleidoscope which is pointed into a microscope we give you the Identity Crisis Residency.

7/2 - Covers Cabaret - There have been many awful songs and even a few great ones written throughout the decades, Abraham gives you a sample platter tonight.

7/9 - Improvised Operettas - To see Abraham improvise must have been close to what it was like watching Einstein think, but funnier.

7/16 - New Songs - A collection of new songs

7/23 - What You Least Expected - You never know what you might get some nights, tonight is that night.

7/30 - An Evening with Baby Teeth - A long anticipated reunion 375 days in the making. This will be a chance to reembrace one of Chicago's most beloved bands.


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