3Piece Special

3Piece Special

In the early months of 2011, the founding members of 3Piece Special joined together to find their sound. With the diversity of the Denver area pulsing in their veins and the desire to grow into their intended form, 3Piece Special began to try and define a sound that spoke to their passion in music. Playing in and out, all around town, the gritty Rock n Roll venues began to inspire 3Piece Special. They began to see that it was the passion of Rock n Roll that drove them. The founding members come from a diverse background of Surf Rock, Metal, Thrash, and Punk, however none of these genres seemed to fit the passion within. It began to offend them when they would hear whispers and rumors that Rock N Roll was dead. So 3Piece Special set out on its journey to resurrect the spirit of Rock N Roll, with the starting point seemingly hidden deep within the roots, the birth-child of Rock n Roll. The birth-child that once took hold of the world back in the 50's and 60's. The idea was not to imitate, but actually retrace the early steps of Rock n Roll's spirit in an attempt to bring Rock n Roll properly into the modern world. From the birth-child of the 50's and 60's, to the underworld and into the modern world, 3Piece Special makes its ride, flirting with the flames of death that surround the holy spirit of Rock n Roll.

Midwest Rebellion

Born out of the Midwest, the Rebellion has roots in Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois. Blending a sound and a groove that'll shake yo money maker, Midwest Rebellion is gonna make you move. Catchy Songs and solid grooves with pure TNT. Give us a listen!

Inna Di Red

This group of musicians has been writing and collaborating for several years now. But it wasn't until this spring (of 2013) that they introduced themselves to the world as the newly refurbished Inna Di Red. With a finalized lineup of skilled musicians, they are confident in their ability to deliver songs that will move souls as well as inspire change within the lives of their listeners. Inna Di Red's goal is to not only bring listeners enjoyment with their music, but also to raise awareness and take action in the spiritual war that exists amongst us all. So open up your mind and your heart and give Inna Di Red a listen. One love!

Tim Huston Project

Blues based classic rock with a Motown feel.

In The Beginning

We are all good friends that like to rock. Lets get it on!

$3.00 - $6.00


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