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Annie Lewandowski comes from Minnesota, a place full of things that are long and longer: church services, dinner tables, and worry lines, to name a few. Somebody said there are ten thousand lakes there; if that’s true, each of them shows up in some little way in Annie’s songs. She writes under the name powerdove, which began as a band of one in California in 2007.

A document of this brief solo era can be found on her EP Live from the Maybeck House (s/r, 2010). Before long, powerdove evolved into a trio with Alex Vittum on percussion, and Jason Hoopes on bass. That trio recorded Be Mine in 2009, which was then released on Circle Into Square the following year. On her new album, "Do You Burn?", many of the songs were written along the scuzzy River Itchen in Hampshire, England, where Annie played concerts and went on the occasional European tour with the laptop composer Curtis McKinney. After her year spent down by the sea, she returned to the US, settling in upstate New York and writing the rest of the material on the new album. When it came time to record, Annie enlisted the help of an old California friend, John Dieterich (Deerhoof), and a new French one, Thomas Bonvalet (L’ocelle Mare). Three great improvisers, they worked fast. The result lies somewhere near the Marble Index, David Sylvian, Diane Cluck, and the Curtains (of which Annie is a former member). The roughness and fluidity of these tracks owe to their origin in mostly live takes, which have also lent a certain intimacy to every sound: these are little songs to love, but there is also great mystery here, and even menace.

Luke Wyland

Dragging An Ox Through Water

Brian Mumford grew up throughout the Pacific Northwest and the Plains as a kid, where he developed an early love for classic A.M. country. His teenage years brought on the allure of punk and industrial. Now settled in Portland and performing under the name Dragging an Ox Through Water, he "marries the lyrical twang of country and folk to the broken textures of feedback, drones, tape hiss, and the howl of homemade oscillators." (via Tommy E. at WMFU’s Beware of the Blog)



An extra special evening at Secret Society featuring Portland's Dragging an Ox Through Water and Luke Wyland (AU), and out of town guests powerdove. On tour to celebrate the release of their new album Do You Burn?, powerdove features Annie Lewandowski (The Curtains) on vocals, guitar, and piano; John Dieterich (Deerhoof) on guitars and bass; and Thomas Bonvalet (L’ocelle Mare) on banjo, small instruments, body percussion, and electronics. In his review of powerdove’s new album for The Wire magazine (UK), Clive Bell writes, “A bright, detailed recording and fully committed performances result in an exhilarating album, zinging with empty space and surprises.”

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